Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 kids to the dentist

This week all ten of the kids had dentist appointments.  Five on Monday and 5 today.  I took them each time.  Monday, it was 4 boys and Irina.  Today, it was 4 girls and Logan.  On Monday, even the nurse high fived me as not one of the 5 had a cavity or any issues whatsoever.  I was hopeful for today. 

Apparently, Summer went to the back like she owned the place they said.  Came in, said hello to everyone and started just chatting away.  No, I still have YET to get a shy child...EVER!  Anyhow, nurse called me back to chat.  She said Stephanie, let me first say "whatever you are doing, you're doing it right!"  I said what?  She said they're so well behaved.  She also said NONE of the kids had cavitities today either.  That's right.  10 kids to the dentist, no cavities, no issues, no nothing.  It was awesome. 

Better yet, she said Summer is such a different child.  She saw her back in January.  Still shy, withdrawn, didn't talk much.  Nurse said now she talks up a storm!  What a difference!  She said it is a completely different child.  The nurse was all smiles.  She has been with us for many adoptions.  She's seen the changes in the kids herself.  Just felt so great coming from her.  Knowing that others see in Summer what we do. 

Fantastic dentist visit all the way around.  Came home, had lunch and then Nik and Summer had speech therapy.  Summer's first day was today.  Speech therapist said Summer is the most motivated one she has.  LOL.  She was ready and so excited.  She usually watches Nik each time.  She knew right what to do.  It was awesome. 

Kids swam.  I did my laps later.  Nothing exciting the rest of the day. Oh, kids and I are completely addicted to Cake Boss.  See, we cruise through Netflix.  We LOVED flashpoint.  Finished that one.  Saw H2O, Kyle XY, and AFV to name a few others.  Now, hooked on Cake Boss.  Hey, could be worse.  So of course we made cake today.  Then, kids went out to play some frisbee.

Getting set up for some frisbee.

Alex was teaching the others how to do some tricks.  

Reni, still learning.  Telling us all how they had frisbee in Bulgaria.  

Ha!  A rare teen shot.  Yana, before the leg move Alex taught her.  Dont' you love pool toys in the front yard?  Yeh, so redneck here.  Oh well.  we try.  

Later, we had fish for dinner w/ corn on the cob and peas.  Cake for dessert of course.  Nik was rather upset I did not make a cake that goes up.  As on Cake Boss.  LOL.  Sorry son, not that talented.  Girls and I have decided to learn to make fondant this summer no matter how long it takes us.  Umm, that may indeed be all summer btw.  Well, got to go. I am drowning in emails and do promise to get back to folks.  Working on it.  Have a great evening.

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