Thursday, June 28, 2012

WVA bound!

Well, our first leg of our journey took us 7 hours to WVA.  Right outside of Charleston.  Our plan was not to eat out so we took supplies with us to make sandwiches and such.  Kids were pretty decent in the car.  RV allows much more flexibility and much more peace of mind for parents.  Much less fighting!  Much, much less complaining.  Much more pleasant travel.  Anyhow, things to pass the time:

Some of the boys enjoying a game of checkers.  Alex isn't sad, he's just tired.

See, sleepy.  Summer did not fuss a once about having to be in her carseat.  The table dinette has 4 seatbelts.  The couch has 3 seatbelts.  The chair has 1 seatbelt.  The only section w/ no seatbelts is the bed in the back.  We'll be changing that soon into a couch sectional type thing w/ seatbelts. No one really slept in the bed anyhow.  Rather have them all buckled in.  I was in a car crash in college.  Car was totaled but I climbed out through the window.  Had I not had my seatbelt on, I would have been thrown from the car & not survived.  So, seatbelts it is.

A mountain in NC.  Pretty I think.

We stopped off at a rest area for a picnic lunch.  PBJ, grapes, chips and water for lunch.  Nice and shaded.  

No one complained so that's always a good thing.  

Bojan, enjoying his lunch.  

Max, getting some pull ups in.  LOL.  

Max, helping Reni with her pull ups.  Very sweet brother.  I know, he'll hate me for writing that.  Oh well.  

Entering a tunnel.  Any time we entered one, we screamed.  Much to the disappointment of Warren.  As a driver, he did not think that was funny.

Ahh, we made it to the state of our destination.

WVA comes w/ toll roads.  Yuck!  As an RV, you pay .50 more.  Not bad.  However, every other state we rode through was free.  No coupons for toll roads so I was stuck.  LOL.  

We made it to our cabins and settled in.  Decided to go for a swim.  Next post, the lake.  But first, need to get a late summer dinner in.  Fresh salad from our garden.  More to come from just day one.

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