Monday, June 4, 2012

Where'd we go on Sunday?? (Part I)

Sunday, we decided we should take a day trip.  Kind of trial run as it will be soon our CMV will take place.  CMV= Chaos Manor Vacation.  So, we decided we'd head to the beach.  But not go to the beach.  Yeh, explain that one to the kids.  I got half priced tickets from Groupon to the aquarium.  Time to use them. 

 Amazing view even if through the window.  Perfect weather too.  Mid-70's.  Couldn't ask for a better day if you tried. 

Years ago, I lived in this area.  This restaurant has been around since the 1930's.  It is well known not just in the local area but the entire state for their fresh seafood.  The restaurant sits right on the water.  It's awesome.  We went on a spur of the moment deal.  We haven't been here for years upon years.  It's that good that you want to go back.  Popcorn shrimp for me.  We were able to make it for the lunch menu so that was fantastic.  Kids were entertained by the  boats going by.  And Nik thought it was hilarious when the birds came by to pick people's food that were sitting on the deck.

Mess on the table.  Summer is sitting next to me chowing down a grilled cheese.  Older kids all had things like shrimp, clams, burgers, etc.  All was delicious for sure.  Big portions.  So, I gave my french fries to the boys who are bottomless pits.  We filled up on some great food.

Max and Bojan.  Why we ever let them sit near each other, I'll never know.  

Can you tell they're all getting full??  Now, notice there is still silverware on the table?  Umm, that means a few must have been eating w/ their hands.  URGHH!

Kids looking at a book you can sign. They have some books dating way back.  Customers come and can sign in.  One lady told us she found her signature from 20 years ago!  Kind of cool.  Funny thing is, kids thought they were really old books b/c they were all torn up from usage.  NOT really old.  It's amazing that my kids seem to think the 90's or 70's were that long ago.

Nik also decided to sign. A bunch of the kids did.  I think one day Warren and I need to come to the beach alone....sans kids, eat at this restaurant and just relax. Yeh, not happening.  LOL.  But I can dream.  I'm one of those people that longs to be a beach bum. 

After full bellies, it was time to head to the aquarium.  Nothing like trying to take a picture in a moving van w/ the windows up. Hey, you can read it.

I figured I'd get a shot of us together.  No, they're not all smiling.  Why would they?  LOL.  Not a single picture of ALL smiling.  Warren took this of us all.

Irina, Summer and Nik posing on the turtle.  And we haven't even gotten into the aquarium yet.  

Why on earth this is Bojan's look, I have no clue.  And then, we entered in.  More to come. For now though, organizing some and cleaning up.  Kids and I are going to go work on the pool and the garden.  Pictures forthcoming of our trip.  Some turned out great.  Some, ten shots later and nothing.  Kids.  

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