Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's happening???

Well, explained a little.  Today is Wednesday.  Already talked about Bojan and Nik's appointments this week.  Those are the only ones this week.  Next I talked of Alyona's IEP that's going nowhere fast.  Then I mentioned something about a bus.  Okay, originally, this is the bus we had found:

Like I said, a literal bus.  It was a type of city bus.  Awesome shape.

This is the inside of that bus.  Plenty of seats as you can see.  Would have been perfect.  Or so we thought.  Great shape.  However, we would have needed a CDL w/ air brake endorsements along w/ a medical.  Not enough time to do that.  Dealer told us we did not need this type of license but we felt we should double check w/ the DMV.  Sure enough, we needed it.  So, we decided to look at some other options.  This was one of them: 

This is our new bus.  It's a monster.  LOL.  It's 32 feet long.  Yikes!  Warren will be driving this thing for sure.  It is a 1995 model that was owned by a preacher originally.  Immaculate shape for sure. All new tires, just serviced, new carpet, etc.  Incredible.  
 image 3

 This is just part of the interior.  He just had it reupholstered.  Warren said it looked brand spanking new.  Stove never been used even.  Clean as clean can be.  Don't worry after this trip, I'm sure it will be broken in w/ plenty of kid dirt.  The seat belts were tucked in for show I guess.  Summer's car seat will still be part of the trip. 

image 1

 This is some of the other part.  The back will be replaced w/another bench seat from a van.  That way, more seat belts.  In addition, the older kids could hang out w/ a movie in the back and the little kids watch one up front.  Bathroom available any time.

We've been talking about purchasing one of these for a long time now.  After the last trip to the mountains a few weeks ago, we knew we could in no way shape or form make the trip to Ohio in our current van and still be of sound mind and body when done.  So, started looking at rentals.  Umm, sticker shock.  Dealers...even more of a sticker shock.  Sorry, but very, very limited budget.  So, Craigslist and Ebay it was.  We've purchased 2 vans off of ebay in the past so not worried.  This time, it was Craigslist that pulled through.  Pleased with the deal and even more with the rv.  Plenty of storage for us to take things.  Last trip I wouldn't let Yana take any hair dryer or anything.  LOL.  This time I told her she can take what she wants.  She's thrilled as any teenage girl would be.  Everyone will have their own compartment under the bus.  Love it!  Kids can play cards, watch tv, etc.

We may do a practice run this weekend.  Maybe to a local lake so Warren can get more of a feel for the bus.  He's flown planes before and driven big tractors and things in the past so this will be fine.  We all can barely stand the wait. I'm sure the kids will be packing as soon as they see it.  Next, I have to double check w/ the campgrounds about parking it.  See, we're not camping in it.  This is mainly for driving and storage and cooking and such.  We've rented two cabins and that's where we'll sleep.

Hoping this vehicle will last years to come and we'll have some great memories together.  Kids are already repeating lines from the movie RV. Need to get going here.  Making tons of appointments for people.  So much to tell.  I think next post will have to be about what all is going on around here.  Posts forthcoming.  Today has been spent trying to catch up on things needing to be done around here.  I'm getting there....slowly.  


  1. Wow great investment for your family. You wilL get lots of use out of it plus a BATHROOM!!!
    Can't wait for trip photos.

  2. Why not same the price of the cabin rental & use it for Sleeping?
    It appears to have pleanty of room.

  3. It's gorgeous! Congrats!