Sunday, June 3, 2012

What we 'crave'

Each month, I get a box in the mail.  It's called a Cravebox. 

the kids have even gotten great at spotting a cravebox.  

Always anxious with hints of what's to come.  Products peeking through.

We buy lipton anyhow so can't wait to try this.  This was just a sample size.  

Another sample this go around was plum amazins.  Umm, they taste like raisins to us.  But, at least we tried them.  

Onto the full sized products!  We got sugar scrub this go around.  

I wasn't so sure on coconut lime but the girls and I smelled it and agreed it smells like we're at the beach!  Love it and we're all going to try it this week.

Now, this is something I normally would not have bought.  However, some of us in this house have severe cracked skin.  After just two days, gone!  Yep, this may be going on to the permanent buy list.  Only takes a tiny bit too.  Looked at their website and it was $18 a container.  It will be well worth it though.  

No, I did not share this.  Sometimes, moms need therapy.  Chocolate therapy.

The only one who liked the plum amazins was Logan.  We gave him both bags.  

Each month, the products and samples are well more than $10 worth.  You definitely, definitely get your money's worth each and every time.  We all crave these boxes.  I also am a member of Birch Box.  Tried it for the first time last month.  If this month doesn't improve, we'll cancel that one.  Cravebox, however, is staying forever!  Just neat to try some new things.  Some, we've gone on to purchase.  Some, simply tried it.  And that's what we 'crave.' 

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  1. So glad you love skintersection. If you use code "Cravebox" on their site when you purchase the cream you will get a serum stick free.