Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We're leaving.....

on a big bus!  There is honestly just way too much happening around Chaos Manor to even begin to post about it all w/ my limited time tonight.  I will though VERY soon.  From medical updates to IEP updates to house happenings to you name it.  For now though, this will have to be very short.  Tomorrow, we leave on our trip.  Our big trip.  There are many firsts involved in this trip.  Many.  For all of us.  We're all very, very excited as you can imagine. 

Kids have been cleaning and packing all day long.  We leave tomorrow morning.  In true Chaos Manor fashion, we've had a ton of little hiccups today.  From not being sure if the bus was inspected to having to change several plans we had made on the trip b/c Summer is too young for such events to you name it.  Oh, I made Logan get in Shrek's Swamp.  See, all my kids are very avid swimmers.  Very.  No issues w/ them in strong waters, etc.  Logan swore up and down he could swim and I knew he traveled to Varna in the summer to go camping and swim.  I however, wanted to see w/ my own two eyes.  No, he can't swim.  Under water or above.  More like a fish flopping.  No worries, we'll teach him.  This however will limit what he can do at the water park.  I'm just frustrated w/ him b/c he swore up & down yes, he CAN swim.  URGHH!!!  Drives me nuts.  Yep, just like one of the other kiddos already.  Glad I checked though.  Now, Reni was completely honest and said she's scared of the water and can't swim.  But, we've had her on some fun water slides already this summer and I know her fear will fade fast.  I'd rather have them afraid and be cautious and learn than fearless thinking they can swim & take risks. 

We're tying up all loose ends.  Tomorrow, we are WVA bound!  Swimming at the lake in the late afternoon, burgers on the grill, s'mores on the fire and a movie.  Wake up Friday and go to the glass company to learn how glass is made.  Then, head to Ohio for the Bulgarian Reunion!  Can't wait to meet some folks face to face.  On Sunday, we have yet to make plans of whether we're going on a riverboat cruise or going to a water park.  Then, we head to KY.  In KY, we'll be going to Mammoth Caves, Dairy Barn, Beech Bend Amusement Park & Splash Lagoon, and another thing yet to be determined due to Summer not being old enough to go to the Corvette Factory.  Tons planned.  I'm hoping the kids will last and us as well.  LOL.  This is a new adventure for us all. 

I will be taking lots of pictures and we are hoping to make Missed Exit Memories.  We'll see.  Is there a rule that you have to collect the kids at each campground??  A lot went into this trip and I hope we get even more out of it.  Time will tell.  So much else to share with you but I really can't till we get home.  The next few days we will remain unplugged as to really enjoy ourselves and our trip.  I'm sure though I'll post something in a few days though.  So, we are off on our adventure once more.  Last year this time, we were returning from our first trip from Bulgaria.  It was an emotional roller coaster.  Hard to even fathom that this year we'd be taking all ten kids with us on  a big trip at the same time we were gone last year.  What a difference!  A wonderful difference.  Once the kids are home, you do really forget about all that you went through to get them home. 

Tons more left to do.  Warren and Max are checking the bus out mechanically and making sure that's good to go.  Kids are asleep believe it or not!  Dogs are being walked and we're ready to go.  Well, Warren & I aren't packed but we don't take as long as the kids.  You are used to it w/ all the adoption trips.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  We'll finally be on vacation as a family of 12.  Enjoying every minute of it.  Yeh, right.  LOL.  It is a real family you know.  I have yet to assign seating on the bus.  Tons of pictures in a few days and adventures we've gone through.  Can't wait to share.  BTW, had to share that the little boy I advocated for who was deaf has found a family.  I'll be doing a little more advocating once home.   For now, signing off and ready to enjoy what life has in store for us.   Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

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