Friday, June 29, 2012

We arrived (part 2)

I should say take two.  I wrote this entire post last night and blogger some how made it disappear.  URGHH!!!  Prepping for Alyona & Alex's b-day party in the 107 degree heat.  Nice, huh? So, trying to make this one quick as much left to do for tomorrow's event.  Still would love to share all that is happening around here but no time for now.  Get to that over the weekend for sure.  Now though, time to talk more aobut our CMV and what all we did.  And how we survived w/ 10 kids and all the "stuff" that goes w/ being out of routine. 

Nik, just enjoying the view.  That dock behind him is what we'd jump off of.  So much fun!  Even I got to jump off of it. 

Alex, shaking dry.  

Never ask your brother to hose you off.  Notice no one is coming to Bojan's aid.  

Dinner time back at the cabin.  Burgers on the grill, beans and oranges.  I was too lazy to do s'mores so gave them the chocolate and marshmellows & said enjoy.

 Dinner time was self-service.  Time to line up.  Nothing like dinner after a good swim.

Bojan, just chatting away after dinner.  

Logan and Nik enjoyed catching lightening bugs.  My kids always found something to do despite no tv, no video games, etc.  I think every kid needs that.

Nik hung up his chart everywhere we went.  He drew pictures of what we'd be doing each day and check his chart to make sure it matched up.  Cabin was big enough and it was late enough that we all just slept there.  Paid for two cabins and ended up only using one.  Oh well.  Woke up, cleaned up and onto adventure of Day 2.  Stay tuned for...the glass company.

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