Thursday, June 28, 2012

We arrived (part 1)

Finally, after 7 hours we arrived at the KOA WVA campgrounds.  We booked 2 cabins forthe night. One was a big one that had the kitchen, bathrooms, etc.  Booked it b/c they said it only slept 6.  Umm, it can really sleep well more than 6.  So, after looking around and unpacking, we went to go to the little pond they have.  WEll, big pond.  11' deep in most places of it. 

Some of us getting ready to walk to the pond for some afternoon fun.  

Alyona, climbing all the way to the top.  Oh, if you went past the ropes, you were required to wear lifevests no matter the age or skill level.  Yep, even the adults.

Yana made it to the top as well.  That thing is really hard to climb.  Doesn't look it but it is.  I'm below w/ Summer.  Teaching her to swim.

I love this b/c Alyona and Alex are helping Logan get up there.

This is Logan contemplating whether to do this trampoline thing or not.  He was very scared of the water at the beginning of all this.

Bojan and Max getting ready to wrestle.  Yeh, this will end well.  

 Summer, ready to go back to the cabin w/ Daddy.  She was just tired.

 Max was kind enough to swim Logan back. 

I just thought Alyona looked cute here.

 Reni, also very cute here I thought.  Her fear was fading.  In the beginning, I had to peel my little leach off of me.  LOL. 

Logan, showing me he can swim.  He really, really wanted to learn how.

What a great smile.  He really enjoyed the water.  It was so beautiful.  We essentially had the whole pond/ lake to ourselves.  Loved it.  Water was even a bit warm.  I really enjoyed it.  I even jumped off the dock.  Kids thought that was cool.  

More pictures to come from day 1 of our vacation in WVA.  It really was great.  Can't wait to share more.  I'm getting sleepy though so continuation may have to wait till tomorrow.  Night everyone!

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