Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vote for the kids!!!

Okay, last contest was crazy b/c it truly didn't work right.  This one is EASY.  I promise.  Let me explain.  I entered the kids in a photo contest.  It's for a local paper here.  You receive little prizes which would always be helpful at this house.  We have a great chance as there are only 23 kids total in this contest.  5 of those are mine!  I missed out on Alex entering b/c as I was entering stuff I got interrupted.  Geez, can you imagine getting interrupted from what you're doing in this house?  So, unfortunately, missed him this go around.  Hey, I'm shocked I got 5 entered.  I'll have widgets up later this evening.  For now, you can go to the site and vote.  Since I totally forgot I did this and voting started on Sunday, I'm behind.  But, we can easily catch up and fast.  So, here's the link:  vote for the kids!  Thanks a bunch.  Only 6 kids in 9 to 12 category and 4 of those are mine.  LOL.  You can go to view gallery, page 2 and the 5 of mine are on there.  Just vote and you're done.  I know I should have had this up on Sunday but alas, parenting calls and we had such an awesome time on our trip, I simply forgot.  I think this contest runs through the 17th or something to that effect.  Have to check.  More to come.  Kids and I need to get some errands done soon.  Plus, getting attendance sheets and plans ready for next years' school year as I intend to start in August this year.  I want to end in May as these last two weeks I haven't felt like doing anything.  Terrible, I know.  Think it's summer fever. 


  1. Urgh, tried to vote just now and it says I have to be logged in to do so. Don't have time to set up an account or whatever it is that lets me log in :(.

  2. After you have set up an account you can vote several times until they say "You've reached your max votes for this day" in each categories