Friday, June 8, 2012

T minus 13 days...CMV

Thought it was high time I did this post.  I've had many people asking if we're going.  In 13 short days, we are leaving on a CMV.  No idea what that is.  Well, it's made up so you wouldn't.  CMV-- Chaos Manor Vacation.  That's our name for it anyhow.  And this vacation, we are going to the Bulgarian Reunion in Ohio and making a week long trip out of it!  This is very significant in many, many ways.  It is our first big vacation as a family of 12.  It is the first time ever we are going somewhere and staying more than 3 nights.  We found past years that was the max we could stay somewhere just due to the upheaval it caused some of our kids w/ various disorders.  Over the years, we've learned how to  control things a bit better so we're willing to make an attempt this year.  Even w/ three new ones.  A bit about our trip. 

We intend to leave here early Thursday morning.  In our possible bus.  That is for another post in and of itself.  Trust me.  Anyhow, we will head to Charleston, WVA.  We plan on going on a glass blowing tour first.  It's two miles from our campgrounds and FREE.  How can you not go?  We'll be going here .  Not sure yet if this is a good idea taking 10 of them to a glass company but we're up for the adventure.  After, settling down in our campgrounds .  Cook some burgers on the grill.  Enjoy the lake activities they have and settle in for the night.  Next day, it is head to Ohio for the Bulgarian Reunion!  We'll be there Friday, Saturday and leave Sunday morning.  Can not wait to go.  I think meeting up w/ everyone will be so much fun.  Nice to see a face behind some of the blogs we all get to know.  Tons of activities planned for all of them.  I was late signing up so unfortunately, we don't have a bathroom in our cabins but we do have A/C.  Told my late night go the bathroom kids I'm NOT hiking to go potty in the middle of the night.  So if you see me screaming at the kids not to drink anything at 11 o'clock at night, you'll know why.  LOL.  Well, unless you want to take them.  Hey, we did this a few years ago.  Went to a campground.  Bathroom was literally up a rocky path quite a ways away.  Bojan takes forever to navigate hills.  It was not a fun time.  Path wasn't even lit.  Did I mention I have night blindness and literally can not see in the dark?  Not a good combo.  Anyhow, practicing w/ them now.  Going to be a test for sure. 

Sunday, we'll head down to Kentucky.  We're staying at more campgrounds.  These I'm actually psyched about as we'll have our own kitchen and bathrooms in the cabin.  I know, simple things make us happy.  This place has an awesome water slide and sure the kids will use it.  While in Kentucky, we'll be going here , here , here (to eat) , and here!  I think that is quite a bit to squeeze in.   Mammoth Caves are supposed to be really cool to see.  It's in our book of 'Amazing Places to take your Kids.'  So many things we're doing.  Again, hoping all goes well. 

We are looking forward to this vacation.  Many firsts we will all experience together.  So much to see and do.  I know some may be overwhelming and that's okay.  I planned this trip out right down to the menu of what we're cooking.  Kids helped plan that too.  Now, we're working on what we must take there.  We have a dog sitter.  Today, we're spring cleaning out the van and washing it in case we don't have the bus to take.  Again, another post.  One great thing about being a family is getting to enjoy things together.  New experiences.  We want to do more things together and go more places.  There are many deals you can find even w/ a family of 12.  And campgrounds really aren't camping in the traditional sense any more.  Anyhow, just thought I'd share what was coming up.  I highly doubt I'll blog while gone. I truly just want to enjoy the moments with them and not be in front of a computer.  They'll be plenty of time to do that once home.  You only get these moments once in a life time.  And, I hope we have many memories to make.  Can't wait to meet some of you in person. 


  1. Hi Stephanie ~ I was just reading Kelle Hampton's blog post about her family road trip/family vacation. She had some GREAT ideas for the kids to do in the car. Here is the link to the post:

    You'll have to go down past the photos to find all of the fun things. I love the idea of the Roadtrip Scavenger Hunt! She also had some other printables linked there. Take a look! It would be neat for your kids to each make their own Road Trip book. It would certainly keep them busy in the car. Have a fun trip! ~ Jo

  2. Wish I was able to be at the reunion this year and meet you. Guess it will have to be next year.

  3. The path from your OH cabins to the bathrooms will be smooth, paved, level and possibly even lit. I can't remember. A very short distance, too.


  4. I'm so excited that you're going along with your family! I haven't even made our reservations at the campground so will do that tonight. Too much going on here, as you very well understand!

    Jo - ooh, thanks for that tidbit! I'll definately look that link up when I get home. :)

    Katherine, just make sure you come next year! I'd love to meet you too!

    Viviane, thanks for letting us know about the bathrooms ;)

    All in all, I can't wait!! I'm so excited :D :D

  5. I was just going to post what V posted... bathroom is not far from your cabin. :)

  6. What part of Ohio? Im close to Cincinnati! Have a great trip!