Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday-- what we did

So much to tell and share about this weekend.  So many pictures of where we went on Sunday.  For now though, I'll start with Saturday and go from there to play catch up a bit. 

Started early as Irina & I went to yardsales.  Had a great time and scored some awesome buys.  A fire pit for $5, a bike for the boys for FREE, make up bags(new) for FREE, shoes(new), clothes, back packs for $1, 72 glasses for $5, and too many other deals to name.  Was great.  Just Irina and I this time.  Came home and cooked french toast for everyone.  Warren had just made grits before I got home so we did have leftovers for later.  Warren then left for an SSI/ SSDI information session.  Tons of info and lots of things for us to consider.  It's so hard to know what to do even after an information session.  Still mulling it all over.  Main reason we would do it is so that Irina will have health insurance coverage after school.  See, once she's out of school, she won't have coverage.  Our insurance will cover her till 26 but ONLY if in school.  She will not be able to attend college.  So after next year, out of school and it would be no insurance.  Can't do that.  Warren and I are figuring out what to do.  Lots to think about as the kids age b/c you do not follow a "normal" progression as most families would.  Many of our children will not be able to leave home for quite some time.  So, thinking.  Anyone with adult children w/ disabilities that have been down this path, please feel free to contact me w/ what you may have done for your adult children.  How to make the transition process better.  And don't say go to the county.  We had to go to a different county just to get the info we have. 

Kids and I cleaned up all morning.  Then, off to Wally world for some odds and ends that were needed.  Like light bulbs.  And, since we have a fire pit, had to get smore snacks, right?  Came home and we all had a very late dinner. 

Alex watching Warren cook.  Umm, it's not cold but we still have yet to figure out Alex's temperature regulating issues.  Got to be all related to the FAS somehow.  Endo cleared him.  Said possibly a brain disorder.  Weird b/c completely healthy otherwise.  But it does really hinder him as he's so athletic.  

Warren cooked barbeque chicken on the grill.  I made homemade mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.  After, we all just vegged out with a movie.  

AS you can see, Summer zonked out a bit early with the movie.  We all then went to bed so we could supposedly get up early.  I swear, this entire family will be late to its own funeral.  We're awful.  If it's not one kid, it's another.  More on our adventures from today, Sunday, tomorrow.  For now, completely worn out from our weekend and have to get up early and walk.  Hope your weekend was as pleasant as ours.

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