Thursday, June 14, 2012

Remembering last year.....

I can not believe this time last year, we were in Bulgaria.  We enjoyed our time so, so much there.  We truly did.  It was wonderful. 

Kids wrote us things before we left and we opened them at the airport.

First time staying at Scotty's.  Umm, read about it.  LOL.  

On our way to Kardzhali to meet our daughter for the first time ever!

Summer, unsure yet clutching a photo album we brought her.

Look at Summer's body language.  she's just simply terrified.

We tried everything to get her to play.  Everything.

Would she ever come out of that shell she was in??  BTW, that dress she's in we brought her.  It was a 2T.  She's now a size 6!

Would my baby girl ever be okay?  Would she ever trust us?

That look.  So scared.  I just wanted to hold her.  I couldn't.  She wouldn't let us touch her.  Shoot, now I can't peel the kid off of me.  LOL.  

Quietly working with Daddy.  Yet, making sure she kept her distance.


Would I ever get a smile out of her?

No, I never would.  Not a one.  We knew then plans would have to be made to lessen the trauma of the pick up trip.  Do you realize how hard and how much strength it took NOT to hold my daughter that first trip?  No hug.  No kiss.  No hand holding.  No touching.  Could we ever break through to her?  Well, you've seen recent pictures and know the answer to that.  Summer is FULL of LIFE and SPUNK!  All smiles, all the time.  Incredible transformation for our girl.  

I still can not believe this time last year, this is where we were.  Deciding to change our lives forever.  For the better!  She is spoiled rotten now.  LOL.  Everyone just adores her.  She lights up the room and you can't help but smile. So last year, we were emotionally drained parents trying to reach our daughter, to connect with her.  She simply needed to be home.  

So soon we will take vacation as a family.  Last year at this time we were away from each other and meeting new family members.  I would have never thought it possible this time last year.  Though it was fantastic meeting her, all I can say is it is just awesome to have her HOME and loved.  Now, you rarely see that face above.  For now, she is nothing but smiles!  Yes, last year there was a lot to think about. 

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