Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ready to roll

Thought I'd go back and talk about our CMV (Chaos Manor Vacation) a bit.  This portion is ready to roll and entails getting ready.  being asked a dozen or so times the same exact question.  Drives me bonkers.  The day before was quite the time and the morning of.  I'll go through step by step in photos.  Here goes!

Bojan, goofing around to pass the time before the big trip.

Gee, panic set in for everyone it seemed.  Alyona taking stock of crackers for the trip bananas, etc.

They had no trouble playing while the rest got ready.  

 Yana decided to take a break and goof around w/ her sibs.

The more clothes & bags that piled up, the more worried the poor dogs got.

Yep, kitchen's a mess. Surprise, surprise.  I volunteered to bring cake and cupcakes.  That's fine.  However, too humid, cake did not rise the way it should and looked horrible.  Gave it to the kids instead for dinner.  No time to make a new one but I still had 48 cupcakes to bring.  No biggie, right.  Wrong.  Left them in the frig and forgot them for the trip.  URGHH!!!  Ended up having to spend $20 to buy cakes at Walley World for the reunion.  Not what I wanted.  Hey, it happens.

Now, this is the morning of the trip.  Told Max to cut Bojan's hair the night before.  I couldn't let him go on vacation w/ this rooster type thing on the top of his head.  

Max, messing w/ the funnel for the rv.  Others, just waiting for word to GO!

Well, one out of 10 not smiling isn't bad.  Notice Nik's picture?  He taped that everywhere we went.  It was his way of figuring out what we were doing from day to day.  

Some of the set up.  Kids at the table played games.  Kids in back watched tv/ movies.  Kids upfront & on couch chatted away.  Kitchenette offered snacks.  Bananas, grapes, cheetos, oranges, etc.

 Oh, they're friends now.  LOL.  TV up front works if you are standing still, like in the gas station as we were.  However, under law, once in gear, it automatically shuts off.  URGHH!!!  Next trip, we're remounting the tv above so we won't have that issue.  Kids took it well though. 

All strapped in and ready to roll.  Destination first day:  West Virginia at the Milton KOA campgrounds.  Watch out WVA, here we come!  Late but on our way.  Stay tuned for more of our CMV.  Happenings abound.

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