Friday, June 1, 2012

Q & A time

Lately, I've been getting a few questions on posts.  And, I've been horrible about answering them.  So, thought it was time for a question and answer session.  If there is anything you've been dying to ask or simply something silly you're just curious about.  From RAD to groceries to gardening to raising a big family to whatever.  Open to pretty much anything.  Ask away and I'll do a post next week. 


  1. How are the home repair projects going?

    Do you have a floor plan picked out for your new house?

    What is your favorite TV show?

    What are your family's favorite recipes?

    Do you make a big breakfast each day or does everyone fend for himself?

  2. You briefly mentioned in a post recently about your kids being orphanage rockers. My newly adopted five year old is a rocker and I was curious if you'd seen that subside in any of your older children. Am I going to be sending my son to college as a rocker? :) Might need to warn his roommates then...

    Also, have you dealt with much sensory processing disorders in your family? My son's is the worst when he is tired and trying to stay awake (does gross things, breaks things, squeezes furniture, etc.)


  3. (Forgot to link to my blog, in case anyone is curious about my squeezing, rocking, five-year-old Bulgarian cutie!)