Monday, June 18, 2012

Pools, pecs and ponytails

Thought I'd share a few things in pictures to make things easier.

Summer, trying on some of the life vests.  In the background is the pile of goggles and other goodies for the season.  We get inflatables, goggles, etc. at end of summer clearance for 75 to 90% off.  Stock up.  My kids go through goggles like water.  Don't get it.

Bojan, getting ready to enter Shrek's Swamp.

And no, I did not force him to go in here.  Pool was treated.  It needs vacuuming.  Bojan and Max volunteered to go in and scrub the liner by hand.  They did an awesome job.  It's now been shocked and retested.  Trying to fix the stupid vacuum.  Figured out why the vacuum kept breaking.  Nik, Logan and Alex through stuff into the pool all during winter.  URGHH!!!  

Other than the green, he said temp was great & pool wasn't bad feeling.  Just need to blue the thing up.  Last year it stayed cyrstal clear all winter and summer long.  This year, no.  Go figure as we all want to swim.  Of course, in three days we'll be swimming in black lake water that is untreated.  

Summer decided to do my hair.  Ponytails and all. 

Nik, trying to show off some of his muscles.

Camera hog couldn't help it when I was trying to take one of Logan.

Logan, proving he can do it.  

Girlie girls showing me they can be just as strong as the boys.

Ah, shirts off boys.  They must of thought that made them stronger.  LOL.  Bojan is just watching like this is stupid. 

Super duper busy day today.  I know I haven't even done a post from this past weekend or Father's Day.  Planning for a trip this big w/ all of them is even harder than planning to leave the country.  Really, it is.  You're having to think for way too many other people, equipment, lotions, medicines, etc. that must be done.

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