Monday, June 18, 2012

Manic Monday

Really, really busy lately.  I'm behind on posting which is just fine by me.  Some times you just have to slow down a bit.  Today we have been cleaning out the bus and starting to put stuff in it we'll be using on our upcoming trip.  Can't wait.  I'll just put a couple things we're up to in bullet points and catch up a bit later when I have more time.  

  • Cleaning out bus today.
  • Started packing today.
  • Kota & Alaska got a bath today.
  • Digby needs a bath.
  • All three dogs need to be treated w/ Frontline before we leave.
  • Need to shop for the trip.
  • Need to finish mapping out trip.
  • Tie up loose ends w/ dog sitter.
  • Cleaning house.
  • Have yet to hear from the middle school on Alyona's IEP.
  • Working on what I want to teach kids next year.
  • Studying Revolutionary War when we get home.
  • We're all ready for vacation.
  • Warren's results from ortho in.
  • Shrek's swamp is getting better.  Will be ready for party.
  • Organizing Alyona & Alex's b-day party.  
  • Need to shop for groceries.
  • Need to finish making appointments for everyone.
  • Kids still loving the trampoline.
  • Behind on thank yous.
  • Alyona turns into a teenager next week.
  • Haven't made cakes.
  • Looking into being a therapeutic family.
  • Thinking back upon last year at this time when we were in Bulgaria.
  • Trying to determine which soccer leagues to put the boys in.  Girls will play Upwards as well as Nik.  
  • Nik got shoes that light up.  Enough said.  
  • Too many more things happening around here.  Write more later.
Got to go.  Much to do.  Warren is picking up some food donated to us which is awesome.  Went to yard sales this past weekend while Warren was at work.  Nik loves the Leap Pad I found for him.  Will have Father's Day picks up soon. Just concentrating on getting ready for the trip this week.  Packing for 12 is not the easiest.  Will have more up later I hope.  

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