Monday, June 11, 2012

Manic Monday

Busy weekend and I'll tell more about it in other posts.  Just didn't have much time to write.  Catch up later.

  • Bojan has an ortho appointment this week for follow up on surgery.
  • Nik has an appointment for implants.  Maintenance basically.
  • Nik still desperately wants the Neptunes.  Going to find a way to make it happen.
  • Kids have been having contests this morning of who can stand on their head the longest.  
  • Working on "extreme" cleaning today of the house.
  • Neighbors put up a fence.  I miss my view.  That's all I'm going to say about that.
  • Dogs need a bath.
  • Warren & Bojan will be looking at an RV tomorrow.
  • Bus requires CDL.
  • Toilet is broken.  Max thus far has recovered an apple thrown in it. URGHH!!!  Still messed up so God only knows what else we'll find in there.
  • Sent off a b-day card today.  Finally, I'm getting organized again to do that.
  • Sent off insurance claims which I don't expect much back from.  For our glasses we just ordered.  Max, Warren and I had changed scripts.
  • No word from Mr. IRS Man.  Sigh.
  • Irina is making cupcakes.  
  • We learned how to sign glass blower for our trip.  And a few other new signs I know we'll use.
  • Need an Ipad for Nik.  
  • Taking house off the market.
  • Our dream for now to open up a facility for young adults w/ Developmental Disabilities is on hold till we can figure out a way to sell.  Market is just not conducive to selling especially, since house needs a new roof.
  • Revising our current house plans.  
  • Waiting for Mr. IRS Man so we can get a roof!
  • Ready for this big trip.
  • Alaska ate my sneakers so I have none.
  • Need to buy Mammoth Cave tickets.  
  • To do list is way to long to get done.
  • Sore and not sure why.
  • Speech therapist not coming this week.
  • Need to plan Alex and Alyona's b-day parties for our return.
  • Going to be doing an adoption documentary.  Yikes!  
  • May speak to the press in September regarding FASD.  Again...Yikes!
  • Kids are done w/ school.
  • Waiting on school to set up Alyona's IEP meeting for next year.
  • Kids still love that fire pit.
  • Need to order some meds for kids before trip.
  • Warren is awaiting appointment to see what they intend to do w/ his ankle.
  • Girls' ceiling fan AND Irina's is now broken.
  • All kids need a well check up.
  • Investigating re-financing.
  • Need to set up speech eval for Summer.
  • Nik can now say "beat your butt" clear as day!  Umm, don't freak out people b/c it's not what you think.  LOL.  Explain later.  
  • Need to work on the Father's Day gift.
Tons more to list but really, I have other things I must get done.  Plus, going to storm soon.  I'll have some pictures later I'm sure and what all we did this past weekend.  Warren works this coming weekend so we'll be getting some packing done and tasks around here.  Need it to be a light weekend as it is right before we leave on our trip.  More later on tonight.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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