Monday, June 4, 2012

Manic Monday

Can't believe the weekend passed us by.  But, we had a great time and I will write about it for sure.  Ready to share where we went.  For now though, just some things that we have to do or are on our minds to make this surely a very manic Monday.

  • had an awesome time this weekend.  Going nowhere next weekend.
  • Take that back.  Working on landscaping at the church next Saturday.
  • Kids are very tired as well as mom and dad.
  • Need to make plans for trip.
  • Need to find trailer for trip.
  • Need to book something for another day for trip as driving home 14 hours in one shot will not work w/ this bunch.
  • Campgrounds in half way point are booked.  
  • Van needs oil change.
  • Church clubs this weekend.
  • Landscaping at church this weekend.
  • Kids get out of school this week.
  • Planning our summer schooling for the kids.  But with fun and a twist.
  • Pool is almost cleaned.  It's being vacuumed out today.
  • Kids are downstairs eating candy canes.  
  • Garden is doing very well.
  • Irina made brownies today and homemade Hershey syrup for milk.
  • Teaching younger kids how to do laundry and things like that.  Hey, they're interested so I'm going with it.
  • Lazy day today.  All we got done was reading thus far.  Waiting till after lunch for motivation.
  • Dogs are doing great.  
  • Still walking every morning.  
  • House got a great cleaning this past weekend.  Looks like nothing was done.
  • Planning Alex and Alyona's birthday party.
  • Getting Father's Day ideas together.  We're way behind this year.
  • Need to make our tye die t-shirts for the trip.
  • Got to get a family portrait done and soon.
  • Waiting for IRS man to call or send money.  LOL.
  • Waiting for money from BCBS insurance claim too.
  • Budgeting for trip.
  • VERY excited about going on the trip.
  • Trying to think of hostess gifts.  Ideas, send them my way.
  • Waiting for more questions so I can post he Q & A post.  Have some send them my way.
  • Rethinking selling of the house.
  • Need to find older teens a job.  Going hunting this weekend w/ them as no plans for the weekend.
  • Scored big at yard sales this past weekend.
  • Have to teach Reni and Summer how to swim.  
  • Speech therapist is not coming today.  
  • Nik is really starting to talk lately.
  • Car needs to be washed.
  • Tons of emails to answer.
  • Little boy that is deaf is on my mind.  Need to find him a home.  I know how critical it is to get HA or implants as early as you can. He's already over a year and will be 2yo by the time he gets home.  If you know of anyone, please spread the word.  
  • Kids are ready for summer.
  • Can't believe I agreed to do an adoption documentary.
Okay, that's enough for now as I can't wait to work on the post with pictures of where we went yesterday.  Some turned out pretty decent.  Enjoy your week.  School is ending and we're ready to dive into some summer time fun and learning at the same time.  

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