Friday, June 8, 2012

M is for.....

marshmellows!  What better way to ring in summer than a little backyard fire to roast marshmellows.  The other day, we found a fire pit at a yard sale.  It was just perfect we thought and knew we'd put it to good use. 

Yana, showing Reni how this is done.  Reni couldn't find her flip flops so boots it is.  

I think Nik is enjoying this marshmellow just a bit too much.

Yana helping out Summer.  Not sure what the white line is.  It's not on my pictures so might be a blogger thing.   The bench back there Max made.  He's donating it to the church we play Upwards Soccer at. 

Ahh, the first bite of burnt marshmellowee goodness.

Max was indeed our fire meister.  He's also in charge of making sure it's out when we're done.  Plus, having only one kid w/ a lighter is a better idea.

Summer couldn't seem to get enough of it. 

Why is Alyona so angry?  Because I told her she had to finish her work first.  She had all dog gone day and was purposefully ignoring me and saying she didn't care.  I said fine, you'll miss out later.  I think she learned a lesson that day b/c the next day she did all her work & then some.  LOL.

Now, this is our marshmellow king!  Alex LOVES marshmellows.  In fact, the other day he saw a marshmellow gun at Target and almost picked it up instead of his mp-3 player.  We'll have to save that one for another present one day.  Not sure what's with the fake smile.  He does it for every picture.  His sibs used to do it at the same age.  

Reni and Bojan hanging out.  

 Max wondering what's happening around here. 

Umm, Logan I think you have that a bit burned son.

Max, finally getting to roast his own after helping everyone else.

 They're ready to chow down!  I know there's a huge mess behind them.  We're working on it.

Reni, enjoying a tasty snack.  Wait till we add chocolate to these puppies and make s'mores.  

Now that is total relaxation.  Got to love it.

Toady is Friday.  Kids are out of school.  we've been lounging around and cleaning up.  Garden was weeded and picked for tonight's meal.  Salad.  We cleaned out the van.  Washed the van.  Did all the laundry.  Organized Summer's closet and got rid of clothing that unfortunately is now to small.  My 3T kiddo is now in a 6!  Kind of sad in a way to see her grow so fast.  But I know it's a good thing too.  We were going to go get Reni's ears pierced but think we'll wait till tomorrow.  They were going to do it last year but the people told them their new mom and dad might get mad.  I said no but glad they considered that and let us do it.  

Ordered 3 sets of glasses yesterday and still thinking about it.  Nearly $900!  And yes, I know all about the other sites to get them cheap.  I'm one of those people that has to try them on and need transition lenses.  Max and Warren also like to personally try them on.  Hey, it will be worth it to see better.  We get glasses covered once every 2 years.  Unfortunately, scripts change like the wind around here so not allowed this year.  Out of pocket.  Fun, fun.  oh please hurry Mr. IRS Man.  Still have heard nothing in case you're wondering.  I know many other adoptive families have received theirs back now.  Hoping we hear something next week.  Actually, I'd rather it just show up in the bank.  LOL.  

Tomorrow we wake up early and go help w/ the church landscaping.  While there, Warren will go look at a bus.  Yes, I said bus.  May be an interesting ride to Ohio.  May need to name a vehicle.  We'll see.  More to come later.  We're on an organization kick today so not losing momentum. 


  1. I've been struggling to keep up with life and missed checking in to see how the new kiddos were doing lately. So nice to read all the great things your family has been doing!! We are on a trip right now to CO- it's been an experience thus far anyway. I hope someday we could do the Bulgarian reunion on OH that you mentioned. If we survive this trip, maybe we will try it! I need to look into the Camp Cheerio also...speech issues will stay with us for a long time/forever for several of our children.

    Blessings, Jennifer

  2. I love to see all the smiling faces on your kids!