Monday, June 4, 2012

Left off w/ entering the aquarium.  We knew that we had a little time to look around before the divers did their show. 

We went to a waterfall and Max pretended to take a shower.   Echoes like crazy so really sounds like singing in the shower.  LOL.

Nik, hanging out w/ a frog he did not catch.

Some of the kids at a display.  This was cool b/c the ground looked like water and you step on it and acts like water too.  Neat stuff.  Can't tell w/ the camera flash though.  

I know it's blurry but thought it was cool w/ Logan's arm around his little brother.  They're watching the penguins.

First try of a picture attempt.  

Got to love Yana's look.  Says "like really people."  Max look says it all as well.  Really, Reni is taller than Alyona but we're not telling her.  

Went to a small snake exhibit.  Now remember, Logan is petrified of snakes but getting better.  Warren decided to come up behind him and make him jump.  Poor kid.  Everyone else saw it coming and just waited b/c they knew.  Logan laughed afterward but wished I could have caught it on camera.  

Picture of just the girls.  One day all will look at the camera.

Nik, looking at the crabs. 

Everyone hanging out at the marsh area.  Warren was helping Nik point the telescope to see things in a distance.  There were birds and various crabs.

 Alex taking his shot at it.

Nik taking his turn while Warren tries to figure out what we're saying on the other side.  

Bojan and Yana seeming almost mezmorized.  More later.  Need to go make dinner and still have yet to find a place to stay at the tail end of our trip.  Campgrounds are all booked. 

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  1. may I ask for your future Q&A post? what is happening with Alex lately? somehow he doesn't look happy. and you have not told us yet what happened with his hair.

    about the hostess gifts - when I have big parties I make biscuits and decorate them according with the occasion. Can you make cookies and write "Boyd" on them? It doesn't demand any special equipment and should not be too expensive. Cookie pastry may be cut on squares if there is no cookie cutters in your house, icing can be done from icing sugar and lemon juice, and a simple paper bag can be used for writting.

    and let me tell you that you and Warren are the most wonderful parents!