Sunday, June 3, 2012

HOH baby needing a family

Just got word of a darling little boy that needs a family.  Just a year old!  Won't be 2 for quite a few more months yet.  It is not officially confirmed yet of the extent of his hearing loss.  They are working on finding out more info in regards to amount of hearing and such but there does appear to be a loss for sure.  Someone adopting him would have to be aware of what it takes to raise a HOH child and that hearing aids or implants are most likely in this little ones future.  Speech therapy classes and appointments as well.  If any of you have questions of what all that might entail, please feel free to ask.  With Nik, we can answer some of those I'm sure. 

I am not able to post a picture or identifying information.  This little boy is located in EE.  A place I've been to before.  Well, that narrows it down to a few countries.  LOL.  The rest of his medical looks great.  This little boy will thrive in a family with the right resources to help him reach his fullest potential.  You all know this is the age I had always dreamed of and that we originally had intended on adopting another deaf child.  However, plans changed and we brought home our three precious children.  This one tugs on the heart strings so must find him a home fast.  In addition, having a HOH son, I know how important getting hearing aids on them at a young age is.  The adoption process is lengthy and it will make a difference to this child.  If you know of someone possibly wanting to add a young child with a hearing loss to their family, please have them contact Caitlin.  She will be able to give you more information.  This country does require travel of 2 to 3 trips depending upon what the family chooses to do after court.  Please help spread the word of Bryan.  Thank you.

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  1. We would love to adopt him, but are already in the process adopting a deaf boy from Bulgaria. I'll mention this to the deaf community here and see if anyone is interested. Please keep us updated :)