Friday, June 1, 2012

gorgeous glads

Not sure if you all have figured this out by now, but I love flowers.  Hence, why I used to work at a florist shop.  LOL. But, better than buying them, is getting them free from my own yard.  Love watching flowers grow from spring to fall.  Our yard has a variety from hydrangeas to irises to dailies to gladiolus's.  Hodge podge really of flowers.  But, they do not take over as it is a rather large yard.  Well, only an acre but not so huge that a lot of flowers would make it look tacky. 

This is the time of year we're always clipping fresh flowers to go in a variety of vases throughout the house.  Brightens things up a bit.  I shared some of our hydrangeas we have so time to change it up.

Here's a picture of one of the vases I put together w/ fresh flowers.

This was before I added the hydrangeas.  Just thought they needed something at the bottom to balance it out.  Looked to top heavy before since I had no greenery to put in it. 

Don't you just want this color on your walls?  So colorful.  

Wow, talk about color?!  Red, bright and vibrant.  Love it.  Just makes things come alive.  Since we have a lot of neutrals in the house, this livens things up a bit.  Also have pink striped gladiolus's as well.  I just  buy the bulbs in bulk at Sam's.  Plant in various parts of the yard.  Just wanted to share some color with you all.  

Today is Friday.  Nothing happening today thank goodness.  Nice to just chill some times.  Heard nothing from Mr. IRS man yet so trying to be patient.  Warren had his hearing checked this week.  It's perfect.  Just have loud kids.  LOL.  Have a meeting tomorrow during the day and then may try to finally get a family portrait done.  Finally.  We'll try and I empathize the word try.  Sunday our goal is to go on a day trip to the aquarium.  Beautiful place.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  I think I may actually get a few more posts finished tonight.  I vowed June would be my catch up month and I think it is! 


  1. Love Glads...just hate digging them up every fall!

  2. Hey! One of the blogs I follow is an adoptive Mom, who is also a photographer. She is involved in a new group that matches a Professional photographer with families that have recently adopted. They get together and do a family photo and a bunch of other shots. The family photo is FREE! I think you have the option of buying others that you like. But, the shoot and the family photo is free. I left her a message today, so I should be hearing from her soon. I told her about your recent adoptions. Hopefully there will be a great photographer near you. I'll let you know the info when I get it.