Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Generous hearts

It's a rarity once folks are home from an adoption to be given a gift.  Especially, after so many months being home.  Well, the other day we were given a gift from someone across the ocean.  A gentleman from Australia no less.  He just felt like doing something nice for our family so sent us a monetary gift to use. 

When I announced to the kids what we'd be doing with that gift, they were thrilled.  I sometimes wish I would record those moments.  See, we do live on a strict budget.  You have to limit the things you do and you tend to take great pleasure though when you do get to do certain things.  You appreciate the little things more I think. Anyhow, we have decided to go to the movies and afterwards have ice cream sundaes.  We are going to wait until later in July though when it's really hot & there is nothing else to do. 

It just makes me happy to know that someone thought of us as a family to do something like that.  One of my kids even said "one day, if I get money, maybe I could do that.  I think it would be fun to surprise someone."  So, a little lesson is thrown in about generosity and giving.  It may not seem like much to someone, but honestly, make someone's day today and think about them.  I remember someone did that for us for Alyona and Nik's adoption.  They sent us a gift card to go to a restaurant as a family.  Meant a lot to us b/c they were thinking of us as a whole family after the adoption.  This gentleman from Australia just wanted to do something nice.  What a nice role model to have your kids learn about.  Giving.  Doing something out of the blue for someone when they least expect it.  We greatly appreciated this gift and can't wait to go to the movies!  I must admit though, my favorite part will be getting a hot fudge sundae.  Thank you so much Wesley!  Your kindness has not gone unnoticed.  It also has taught my kids a few things and that my friend is priceless.

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