Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fort Macon Trip -- part III

After several takes w/ no success on the pictures, we moved toward heading home.  And then a stop at the gift shop as we always get magnets from where we've been.  Firt though, cannon balls seemed to be what fascinated my kids next.

They're starting to pile up on the pile of cannon balls.

My kids would not have made good soldiers.  LOL.  

How many tries before they get to the top of the pile?

Ahh, sweet success.  Victory is Nik's.

His sister helped him retrieve the implants he lost on the way up.  

The best part of a trip is sleeping children on the way home.  Alex, collecting garbage in all the nook and crannies.  We had a great time that day.  Did a lot.  Out to eat at a seafood restaurant, went to the aquarium and onto Fort Macon.  We had wanted to go visit on the beach a bit but figured if we'd plan to stay on the beach, they'd never want to leave.  So, headed home.  Plan on going in July or August to actually stay at the beach a day.  Wilmington is closer to us than Atlantic Beach.  Where we went was nearly 3 hours away.  however, Wilmington we've made it in about an hour and a half.  Great times, great kids.  It was a dry run of sorts for the upcoming CMV (Chaos Manor Vacation).  Kids are counting down.  We are not ready at all.  But excited nonetheless.  More about the CMV in another post.  More to come.  It's the last days of school so much going on.  Church clubs this evening and then to Target for Alex and Alyona to spend their early birthday money before the trip.

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  1. You guys going to Ohio for the Bulgaria Reunion? :)