Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fort Macon Trip --- part II

After touring a bunch of the rooms and learning some history, we moved onto the outdoor stuff.  And free open spaces.  Just up their alley.

Max, pretending to be a soldier by the cannon.  Reni looking on for lessons.

Reni really wanted her picture taken.  

Reni, Logan and Nik.  I do think Logan and Nik have bonded.  And to think, a few short months ago while in Bulgaria, Logan would have NEVER have even given Nik a second thought since he was deaf.  Now, he's trying to sign everything.

 Summer told us she had to go to the bathroom.  Yana volunteered to take her.  We're all walking where the cannons used to be lined up all along the fort towards the ocean. 

Summer is growing up so, so fast.  Cutie though for sure!

Summer was not too keened on getting sucked into this hug.

Irina wanted her picture taken w/ her daddy.  Then Reni wanted in on the action.  Alyona was just too lazy to scoot on over.  LOL.

After Summer posed, Alyona wanted a turn.  Pretty young lady.

Take one of all ten together.  Think it will happen?  Probably not.

Take two.  It was as good as it gets.  Alex isn't smiling and Logan is pretending to be in pain.

Final take.  What's with Bojan?  And Yana is not even looking.  Oh well.  Better luck next time at a shot.

Reni, Alyona and Nik.  As you can tell, I let everyone come as in.  My kids have no fashion sense but they sure do have a lot of love for each other.  A few more pics later to share.  Need to get to bed.  Have a great night.

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