Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fort Macon Trip -- part 1

On Sunday after the Aquarium trip, we headed on over to Fort Macon just 7 miles down the road.  After some science we figured we needed some history.  LOL. 

Summer, studying where we are going.  Well, she had help reading it.

Irina posing on a shell.  

Kids loved this.  Spin it and you can see the birds flying.  

They were fascinated by the different birds eggs.  Irina was reading them all out. 

These were steep steps.  Nothing down there.  Kids kept thinking it would be a prison or something cool.  

Safety first.....or not.  Kids playing on the giant cannon.  Can you imagine having to shoot one of these things??

This sign says it all.

Max's look was priceless.  He was looking at old surgical instruments.  I think anyone would be scared.  Got to love the container of leeches.

this pretty much grossed us out.   They told of their life in the barracks.  Yuck!  They disassembled the beds every week to disinfect b/c they'd be full of bugs by week's end.  

Alex sat out of one of the rooms.  He was getting over heated again.  Alls clear as far as blood work and endo go.  Just something he needs to learn to live with.  And it was a cool day for NC...in the mid-70's.  Ironically, he's sitting under the furnace they used to use to heat up the cannon balls before firing.

Sample of old dining hall.  I actually like this set up.  

Irina was not too interested in the food choices back then.  

More pictures forthcoming.  Speech therapist just left and now we're all hanging out.  Alyona is working on writing as she still needs to finish that book.  I've been looking at trailers for traveling.  Calling the hitch place in a moment as one needs to be installed.  Had one on the old van but this one does not.  Not much else going on here.  Thank goodness.  More later.

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