Friday, June 8, 2012

Flabulous to Fabulous

Disappointed in myself this week. I know I could use a dozen or more excuses but I won't.  That would not do me any good.  I did walk w/ my friend Rebecca every morning.  I did do the weightlifting and stretching every single day.  I was moving.  However, this is the week I wanted to add cardio and I did not.  Mad at myself.  It was a late night every night this week as paper work had to get done amongst other things.  Just always seems like not enough hours in the day.  I mean, I found time to walk and do the other things.  I MUST find time for the cardio.  Must.  No excuses.  Another area I was horrible in was the eating.  Was not watching myself as I was in previous and paid the price.  I actually gained 1 lb. this week.  Now you can see why I'm so frustrated today.  Maybe that's why today we're doing all kinds of cleaning up around the house, washing the van, weeding the garden and a bunch of other laborous activities.  Need to.  I'm ready for a change but mad at myself for being what I consider slack this week in many areas.  Won't happen again.  I am determined still to loose more.  So, next week it will be extra hard work no holds barred.  I will succeed. 

Now, trying to not eat as much meat and slowly going that route.  yesterday, tried making myself a new sandwich.  Zucchini, tomato and onion w/a  dash of cheese.  Epic fail.  LOL.  I love veggies but I did something wrong w/ that combo.  But, I do actually like the fact that I'm willing to try new dishes and come up w/ something that would fit my tastes and calorie counts.  So, there you have it.  Not a stellar week but didn't give up either so that should count for something.  Ready to jump back on the rollercoaster weight loss ride.  I know some weeks at the Biggest Loser they gain and it's just the way it goes.  They also though, never seem to give up.  So, neither can I. 

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  1. I KNOW your struggles! A Veggie sammie that I actually enjoy is to get come whole wheat pitas (I get mine from Trader Joe's...cheaper, better, more sizes) and fill with shredded carrots, various sprouts (which you can make yourself for CHEAP), thin, julienne-cut cukes, thinky sliced tomato or grape tomato halves, and cheese (I will NEVER give up cheese). Use a little oil and EVOO, S&P and it's pretty good!