Monday, June 18, 2012


Haven't posted the kids' drawings for quite some time.  They did a few the other day on their own so thought I'd share them with you.

Max drew up some plans for the addition of the house.  This is what he wants to add onto our house.  I think it looks great.   We can call this house plan wishful thinking.

 Nik did this one. 

Nik also made this one.  His favorite  Says Dad, mom  & Nik.  Hey, no one is dying on this one!  LOL.  He never spells dad right.  It's either bab or bad.  

Nik spelled his name out of rice.  wish it was clearer.

Reni did this work of art for me.  Dad, Mom & Reni is what it says on the side.

Then, you must display your works.  Logan did the one of top left.  Not bad.  Nik's two are below that.  He wanted a picture frame so made his own and found an old Camp Cheerio picture we had.

Logan wanted to make sure I took his picture.  On the right side are two on top that Reni did.  One on the bottom is the last Supper that Nik copied from Max's Last Supper drawing.  My kids love to draw and paint.  I'm glad.  I pick up random pants and drawing kits whenever I can.  They'll bring them out and go to town.  Love it.  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of their works of art.

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