Saturday, June 30, 2012

DAY 3-- Breakfast time

We all woke up.  I went to help w/ breakfast.  With this reunion, breakfast is provided which is wonderful to not have to worry about fixing it.  Also, fantastic potluck that evening as well.  Anyhow, onto breakfast.

Do you think she's up and ready?  She slept just fine and was ready to eat.

Kay working hard w/ her son making pancakes.  

Just another shot of how big the breakfast table set up was.

Doesn't the fresh fruit look just delicious?!

McDonald's was a sponsor this year.  Yum!  Sausage biscuits in the morning along w/ fresh fruit is always a treat.

All of us ate breakfast and then discussed what the day would bring.  Splash park was after lunch.  Then a potluck and then the native Bulgarians would be coming to visit.  Much more on all this in next post.

Alyona trying to find shade before going to the splash park.  More to come.  Need a break though.  Today was Alyona and Alex's b-day party.  Tired. 

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