Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 2-- Glass Company

Are we crazy taking ten kids to a GLASS factory?!  yes, yes we are.  The second day we got up, cleaned up, packed and off to the glass factory.  We were hoping to catch a tour. 

We went to Blenko Glass Company in Milton, VA.  Went first thing in the morning.

I walked in the door and wanted to turn right around.  

I mean, just look at it.  It's waiting to get broken.  There is NO plastic here people.  That is all hand made glass.

Some of their stain glass work.  

Titantic.  Pretty cool, huh?

They were watching a video of how glass was made.  Then the tour guy came up to explain it a bit further.  

This is some of the broken glass.  Wished I could have taken some home and tiled our bathroom.  

Our tour guide explaining the wooden molds.  They only last 3 months.

That's all glass folks.  Takes DAYS to cool off we are told.  They were not doing tableware while we were there so kind of bummed we missed that demonstration.  Kids were shocked at how hot it was in the place.

 This is what happened to Alex after visiting inside the factory just a short bit...overheated.  Don't worry, he cooled down. 

This was cool.  Wall of glass.  Lady in the back was w/ our group/ family.  At first, she told me she thought of going on a different tour when she saw all the kids.  She complimented how well-behaved they were.  She could tell various things about the kids.  She works as a therapist!  Was an interesting conversation.  Told Warren and I we were doing absolutely fantastic job with them.  Kept saying she could not believe how well-behaved they were.  Just was nice to hear.

Different colors, different textures.  It was so neat to feel.  

Very nice work.  We bought a pitcher, double sided (what they're known for) and a bowl.  The bowl was on the clearance table and I had a $5 off coupon.  Yes, I searched for coupons for every place we planned on going to.  Tour was free.  I'll have to take pictures of the pitcher and bowl.  Irina and I picked them out.  

We were then on the road again!  Next post...Day 2 , on the road to the Bulgarian Reunion! 

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  1. OMG, I would not dare take my kids into that store. Rex would contribute to the broken glass pile in no time flat.

    Alex is such a handsome young man even when overheated!