Saturday, June 30, 2012

DAY 2-- Bulgarian Reunion

As you saw from the previous post, we arrived in Ohio at the Bulgarian Reunion.  Kids made themselves right at home.  It was so easy for not just all kids but all kids to interact in that small circle of cabins.  Was awesome.  After getting to know people, all started on a water balloon toss game. 

Getting ready to set up for the water balloon toss.

Game is getting ready to begin.  

Bojan is finding his footing to get a good toss in.  

Reni, ready to go.  They each had a partner and had to toss it back and forth.

Nik and Logan teamed up and lasted a really long time.  And trust  me, on this hot day none of them minded getting wet when it broke.

We have some serious balloon tossers in the bunch.

 Yana.  Actually caught a picture of her! 

Just some more action shots of the kids w/ the balloon toss.

 I have no clue what face this is but I thought it was hilarious.  BTW, those in the back are the deluxe cabins.  We couldn't book one.  And for next year, they're already booked up!  May do the RV/tent thing next year instead.  We'll see.

This child would not stop for a moment.  She rode the tricycle over and over way into the night hours.  

Alex, a deer in the headlights look.  We all stayed out till it was dark.  Went to bed around 11pm.  Exhausted from a whole day/night of fun.  Next day, water park.  Well, campground splash park.

Don't let the photo deceive you.  It is NOT that big.  LOL.  Says it sleeps 6.  Not true but we made it sleep 6.  Girls in one cabin, boys in another.  It had air but wasn't all that cold.  in other words, we were one step up from a tent.  I did not sleep at all that night.  Kids slept.  But, I did get to sleep the second night so that was good.

That concludes day 2.  Next, day 3 and the splash park. 


  1. Looks fun. Summer's black and white dress is super cute!

  2. Yes, Alex and Spencer had that balloon tossing game down to an art!! Good work boys! So much fun!