Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bojan's results and tidbits

Bojan went back to Duke for a follow up for surgery.  Since his foot is hurting badly again they were concerned about possible stress fractures.  There are none.  So, they gave him a lift to help w/ weight distribution.  In addition, now his pylon is way too short so need a new pylon and a new liner while we're at it.  His toes still cross over and unless it's raw and bleeding, they won't do anything.  URGHH!!!  They told me it would straighten out after surgery on it's own.  Still giving things a few months and they want to see him back in 6 months.  Next, new prosthetic appointment.

Today we lounged around in the morning and watched movies as it was pouring outside.  Then, I headed to the bank and off to a consignment shop.  Girls needed a few new shorts.  So, the teens and their friend helped them pick stuff out.  Summer and I enjoyed looking on the .99 cent rack and half off rack.  Awesome deals and cool clothes.  Came home and took care of things around the house.

News of the day was we found a bus.  Can't wait to take pictures.   Perfect for us to travel and just what we needed.   Been looking for years yet wasn't sure whether to do it.  Well, since the last road trip to the mountains, we realized we have outgrown the 12 passenger van for trips.  Setting stuff on your laps, sitting on sleeping bags, and having stuff on your feet the whole time while crammed shoulder over shoulder (Not should to shoulder either) is just not a pleasant time for anyone despite trying to make the best of it.  We looked seriously into renting a bus or rv.  I checked a few places and all were hovering at the $2K mark...yikes!  Even one of the places said you know, you could put this toward a used one.  Yep, you sure can.  We've put a hitch on our previous van and towed a trailer.  Gas mileage plummets that way.  Rented a u-haul.  Still, we wanted something a bit more permanent this time and easily accessed for things we need when we need them.  We also have a few w/ urological issues still and that's all we'll say about that one.  Don't feel like stopping or we'll never get there.  So, we were on the hunt for a bus, rv or something of that nature.  We found an old city bus locally.  Guy said we didn't need a CDL and we said are you sure?  Oh, no, no.  Well, we wanted to be better safe than sorry.  Not only did you need a CDL but also an air brake endorsement along w/ a medical.  And, you have to schedule the test which can't be done for weeks.  That was a no much to the disappointment of Max.  He really did like that bus. 

We were on a strict budget of course.  So choices will be limited.  We don't mind fixer uppers...to a point.  Warren went to one last weekend.  A 1974 model.  Guy said he rebuilt the engine, transmission, etc.  Warren got there and so let's go.  Guy said "uh, it doesn't run."  Really?!  Had to laugh.  From then on first question was does it run.  Next, some of the kids and us went to see another one.  Remember, we were keeping an open mind of what we could do to fix it up.  When Max sat down on the seat, dust flew everywhere.  It was hilarious, just like a movie and wished I'd had the camera.  Ridiculous!  Finally found 2 decent ones.  Went to go look at one today...sold.  Went to look at one yesterday...sold already again.  bEgan to think this is just not in the cards yet we all still kept looking.  Shoot, the kids' friends were helping us look.  One of them said check that out.  I said "no, just a scam if it says $14 or $9 or $1."  What I did NOT know is on those #'s they were simply leaving the K out of it!  Well, that opened up a few more.  Found one, called and Warren checked it out after work.  Preacher owned it before. Immaculate shape.  Awesome bus and can't wait to show you all.  He didn't have the camera.  Now, trying to think of a name for it of course.  kids can't wait to get it home and start packing.  LOL. This will be our travel bus.  Would have come in handy last weekend when we went to the beach and such. I have yet to see it in person. 

No, this originally was NOT in the plans but plans change.  I know in the long run, this is definitely money saved especially in gas and renting and such things.  I also know it will be kept for years.  Not to mention, our current two vehicles are a few short months from being paid for.  In a few trips this year, the vehicle will have paid for itself.  We didn't think how different it'd be w/ 12 of us now and the teens getting bigger.  It's like when we used to have 4 car seats in the van before this big van.  Had to make a change.  Same here but this will be an awesome change I do believe.  Tomorrow morning, papers get signed. Bus will be picked up this weekend.  Not far from here.  Guarantee  you kids will have bags in the bottom of that bus by Sunday morning.  LOL.  yep, I won't know where half the stuff is I'm sure of it.  Pictures to follow when we get them. 

Nik has an audiology appointment tomorrow at 8:30am.  Warren is taking him, I'm going to the bank for the title signing and such.  Coming home and then getting stuff taken care of at SOS office.  Busy day tomorrow.  Reni needs to get her ears pierced.  Okay, need is not the right word.  But, it was part of her b-day present and she never got it done.  She's 10yo.  Funny thing is they told her in Bulgaria not to do it last year b/c it might make her new mom & dad mad.  Nope, don't care.  We don't do it on little, little kids.  Summer wants hers pierced but not yet.  Too young.  I like her natural for awhile.  No holes.  Plus, she's too young to care for them.  Got to go.  Too much else going on around here and honestly, I haven't had time to share it all.  Much, much more to share.  Documentary crew coming, possible interview w/ paper on FASD in September, IEP not being done, and a sweet, sweet gesture today from Australia.  Again, tons more to discuss and share but I must get many other things done first.  blog is last on the list.  Maybe tomorrow I can finally update w/ a few pictures.

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  1. I can't wait to see the bus! Congrats!