Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bits and pieces

Today is Wednesday.  Been a weird kind of week.  Not bad weird, just weird.  Doesn't feel quite right and not sure why.  Think it's b/c of all the going ons and end of school stuff.  I've been begging the kids to tell me when their awards' ceremonies are so we could go.  Asking for quite some time now.  And, the school usually does robo calls on this stuff.  Did we get any info from anyone?  Nope.  So, Bojan got most improved for history and got A/B honor roll this last quarter.  Again, would have liked to have been there.  I do think though as they get older they do that stuff on purpose as to not be embarrassed.  Oh well.  Last day of school is this Friday.  Not long to go.

Tonight we went to the church clubs for the last time.  Kids did great w/ their presentations.  Puppet show was hilarious.  I honestly laughed till I cried.  Summer and Nik were in it and that should say it all right there.  LOL.  Afterwards, went to Target so Alyona & Alex could spend their early b-day money.  Alyona bought a LeapPad.  A kids' Ipad type thing.  Pretty cool and wished Alex would have gotten one but he said they're in the kid department so that would be babyish.  I think he'll regret it but we'll see.  Alex bought an mp-3 player, Nutella and some pretzel things w/ his money.  We let the kids buy what they want (to an extent) with their money.  My mom had given them early b-day money b/c they are going on this trip.  I know for a fact they'll use both things they bought.  Alex has some leftover to purchase things if he wishes.  But, he's talking about saving it in case he sees something on the trip. 

Came home and just got kids to bed.  sort of.  Tomorrow some errand running for sure.  Still no word from Mr. IRS man.  We are nowhere near prepared for our upcoming trip.  We want a shuttle bus for many reasons.  Main one being this van is completely out of room.  We used to bring the kids' friends places and can not do that now.   However, even used shuttles are just too much at the moment.  It is also apparent, we can not just take the van w/ us on this week long trip w/ the 12 of us.  There is literally no room.  That small trek to the mountains proved that two weeks ago.  No room.  We were holding stuff on our laps, everyone squeezed in and just plain uncomfortable.  Could be worse, I know that.  But, need to do something.  We have two vehicles that only have a few more months and are paid off.  Want to keep it that way.  Now, we looked at renting a bus.  Near $2K once all is said and done.  Not worth that when you can put that money toward something.  So, looking into used trailers and rv type things.  Since we go places, we must camp this is a reasonable and viable option.  Called insurance b/c we did not want to get stuck biting off more than we can chew.  He gave me an example of costs... roughly, $20 every 6 months.  Yeh, we can swing that.  He knows us well and is honest.  So now, we've all been looking via craigslist, word of mouth, etc.  Found a few we'll look at this weekend.  Having it for the trip is a must.  Funny thing though, we replied to a few adds.  Cracked up when we got one spam reply in particular.  They were going to "ship" the rv via amazon.  LOL.  You could tell it was a template they use and just fill in the word.  Like book, spoon, clothing, etc.  Can you imagine shipping an rv?!  LOL.  We have a few calls in and calling someone back tomorrow.  Local guy.  This one rv is from 1974 but totally redone and pretty cool looking.  Who knows.  But, we want to travel w/ our family and traveling w/ 12 is no easy feat.  Kids already want to nickname whatever type of vehicle we get.  They saw the movie RV and like the name Rolling Turd.  Umm, no kids. 

Warren's hearing test was perfect.  I haven't gotten Irina's results for her stuff.  Was supposed to go to day but I highly doubt the doc would have let all 10 of us in a room. And no, I can't leave them in the waiting room alone.  BAD idea.  Trust me.  So, rescheduling when Warren is home in he morning and I can go w/ her.  Or vice versa. So much on my mind and so much to do.  More to come but I really need to catch up on quite a bit around here. 

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