Monday, June 4, 2012

Aquarium trip -- Part IV

Time for the touch tanks.  This is not a big aquarium.  The one we went to years ago at Ripleys was bigger.  But, this one is very nice too. 

Reni enjoying her first time in the touch tank.

Alex and Nik laughing about who knows what.

Kids learning about the hermit crabs and horsehoe crabs.  

All of them loved the horseshoe crab and hermit crabs.  Even Summer who was afraid of the other touch tank.

Most of the kids hanging out still.  They really enjoyed this part.  

Love beautiful fish.  Just thought this one was so cool.  

Took a few shots.

And my favorite close up of this gorgeous unique creature.

Take one.  Nope, not even half looking.  Retake needed.

NOt bad a retake though Summer looks like she's about to fall and Bojan looks mad.  Still majority are looking and smiling.

Some nice lady saw me struggling and offered to take a shot w/ all of us in it.  Pretty nice of her for sure.  And not all look for another person either.  LOL.  but, not bad I don't think.  We all had such a great time at the aquarium.  After this, it was off to our next adventure for the day.   Stay tuned tomorrow.  I'll tell of our Fort Macon tales.  Good night. 

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  1. G'day from Australia
    Have been enjoying your blog. must say that last photo, trimmed and light adjusted would do well as your blog banner. It really gives a lovely snap shot of your family. GBU.