Monday, June 4, 2012

Aquarium Trip-- part III

After looking around a bit, it was time for the dive show. 

See the divers??  Pretty cool show.  They can talk under water too.  Kids can ask them questions.

Alex is very into this show and very intense.

 Summer telling me just how big the shark is.  All enjoyed this show.  We all learned something new.

Divers saying hello to the kids.  

Alex very into how thick the glass is.  8 inches thick in case you're wondering.

All the kids were very into this.  It really was a neat show.

Reni, Summer, Nik and Irina checking out the turtles.  

 Wanting to pet the alligator.  The guy before us, a grown man mind you, was pretending to wrestle the alligator and get on top of it.  I told the kids NO.

 Love Irina's face.  Nik wanted to be bit. 

Irina posing.  Reni deciding what she wanted to do.

Reni and Summer enjoying themselves.  

After this, we went to the touch tanks.  That is next.  Been a long day and night today.  Happens every time we go somewhere.  Lots to do this evening.  Looking for a camper.  More on that later too.  Looking for a place to stay in Asheville.  Much is booked.  Got to go.  Kids have exams this week at school.  Bojan passed.  Waiting to hear on Yana and Max next.  Enjoy your night all. 

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