Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alex & Alyona's b-days

Thought I'd do a quick bit here in case I missed anyone.  Alex and Alyona's birthdays are coming up soon.  Alyona is on the 27th and Alex's is on July 5th.  We are leaving for vacation this coming week.  We come home and have just two days to get ready before we have a party for the two of them.  So, trying to prepare as best I can.  To do that, I need to know how many will be coming.  We'll be having a pool party for Alyona and Alex.  Alex will be 12 and Alyona will be becoming a teenager.  Can hardly believe it!  So, we want to celebrate with them.  You all are invited. I know some locals read this so figured I'd post here.  We are having a pool party June 30th at 12pm.  It will go until we're done.  LOL.  Just good old fashion fun.  Swim, eat, party, sparklers, etc.  Keeping it simple but fun.  So, come on and join the fun.  But please, please let me know if you're able to attend.  I really need a head count before vacation.  Thanks so much as I really want to make this special for these two.  As you know, kids w/ FAS are very limited in social abilities and friend making.  It's been a tough few years.  Trying to make this a fun time & memorable.  RSVP to us at 

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