Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tired, teens and trampolines

Today is Sunday.  We had a great day at church and then came home and cleaned up the yard the rest of the day.  After such hard work, we just had to go get some Dairy Queen.  Haven't gone since last year as we usually just have our own at home.  But, we all worked hard and well, there is just something about soft ice cream on Memorial Day Weekend.  Enjoyed it.  Pictures are still on the camera so sometime later this week I'll post those.  For now, posting some photos I've taken recently. 

One very tired little girl.  Glad we have dogs that are tolerant of kids.  Summer uses Alaska as a pillow all the time.  She fell asleep on Alaska yet again.

Alyona said she wants to be a teenager.  She feels hair in her face makes her one.  

A side view.  One of the older girls' friend had done this.  Alyona loves it.  

 This is one of our trampoline pieces. 

Lately, the trampoline springs have been falling apart.  That makes it dangerous to jump.  Now, our kids use the trampoline literally every single day.  Even w/ the springs missing.  Told them it was too dangerous and even flipped it over this past week so they couldn't jump on it.  Warren and I have been deciding whether to buy a used one or get another new one.  We bought this one for the kids for Christmas years and years ago.  Definitely got our money's worth.  This time we thought given they use it every day & use it as therapy as well, a new one was in order.  Did not tell the kids.  Instead, after Nik's soccer game yesterday, we headed to Sam's.  

While at Sam's, picked up a few other items.  Even let them have icee pops in the car.  Alyona is holding the flowers to brighten our weekend.  

They were all anxious to help.  Logan was one of the first to help.  

Not sure what the lines in the pictures are for.  They were like that before.  Maybe they'll go away w/ the post.  Here's some of the kids helping to put the trampoline together.  Max was of course head supervisor.  Don't you just love Shrek's swamp?  Chemicals were purchased Friday.  They're in.  You can now see the bottom and it's turning toward an aqua.  Finally.  Should be ready by the end of the week to swim in. 

Max was a little miffed he had so much help.  LOL.  He told us later it would have gone much faster w/ just him.  

 Summer, testing out the new trampoline. 

She looks so grown up to me now.  Summer is loving to bounce.  Most all love the trampoline.  Shoot, even the teens will practice their back flips on here.  This one is much safer.  Our padding had disintegrated on the last one.  When Nik had fallen on it, the spring went in his head a bit and made it a cut.  That's when we actually started questioning the safety of the trampoline that we had.  After so many years, they really do need replacing.  It is a great release for some of our kids that need that physical release every single day.  

And yes, they were out there firs thing this morning before church.  They just can't help themselves.  It's good though and does help w/ calming at times.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as we are.  Yesterday was soccer game, Sam's, and big soccer party.  Today was church, clean up the yard and then out for ice cream.  tomorrow, day trip to the aquarium.  Keeping busy but in a good way.  Reality will set in on Tuesday.  We should hear from IRS man next week.  Wish us luck.  More to come but honestly, we are just relaxing this weekend so not a whole lot of posts as you can see. 

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