Monday, May 28, 2012

Time for Dairy Queen

Yesterday was Sunday and we worked hard after church.  So we decided we needed to enjoy the day and hard work w/ ice cream from Dairy Queen.  It was a hot day and just seemed to be a good time for some soft delicious ice cream. 

Love her hair in pig tails.  She's just so stinkin' cute!  She could not eat it fast enough.  

Logan and Nik enjoying their dip cones.  Chocolate on the inside covered w/ chocolate on the outside.  What could be better?

I think at one point they were seeing who could eat it the fastest.  Yeh,not a smart move boys.  Brain freeze ahead.  

Alex is my vanilla on the inside kind of kid.  Much concentration.

 Pure bliss is what she's thinking.

 Reni and Alyona enjoying a treat outside.  They sat with the older girls and a friend.  

Alyona giving a smile for the camera.

I enjoyed a sundae as did Irina.  Younger kids all had dip cones.  Max had a blizzard, Warren and milkshake, and Yana tried a new frozen hot cocoa.  Yeh, not quite sure how that works.  

Ahh, I got to snap the rare teen photo.  Hey, I'm a mom.  I get to do that every so often.  Wait till I tell the kids next weekend we need to get hopping on that family portrait we've neglected the last 6 months.  

Satisfied customers.  It really was just a nice and enjoyable treat.  Old and young alike enjoy ice cream.  Who doesn't?  It's not something we can do every time or that often but when we go, it is fun.  Hey, we need groupons for Dairy Queen.  LOL.  

Overall, had an awesome weekend.  It wasn't anything fancy, just was pleasant.  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend too.  Next weekend, our pool should be opened.  I'm sure the kids won't want to leave the house.  We'll see.


  1. Go to DQ's website and sign up to receive their emails. You get free treats on your birthday. Sign ALL of you up! They also send out 2for1 offers regularly.

  2. All the smiles make my heart happy!