Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sunday and strawberries

So many things happened today that I had to share a few.  Enjoyed buttermilk pancakes for breakfast and got ready.  Okay, first a miracle occurred and we made it to church on time.  Now pastor wasn't there and youth director did the service.  Youth had a weekend and shared what they learned.  Now, there was a symbolic performance done.  Normally, this wouldn't be an issue.  However, put 3 kids that have been in America not too long, and other ones who can't process what they see and well, things can be misinterpretted.  So, had to spend quite a bit of time explaining what they were doing and why.  Oy.  Now, to add to all this, we had Summer yelling I no pee!  Lovely.  The best part was the water.  Oh boy.  They were re-baptizing.  Sort of.  I really am not going into detail as it all would take too long.  I had just gotten back from the bathroom w/ Summer.  Warren said I told them to stay but they went up anyhow.  Okay, at the front they had a little water fountain w/ shells laying around.  Again, lots of symbolism and things today.  My kids don't get symbolism.  And, I'm having to explain to 3 of them that have no clue what going on and explain to one in sign language.  All the while in line praying my kids don't spray the water w/ their hands or play with the fire of the candles all lined up.  Hey, w/ FASers and RADishes this is the first place your mind goes to.  Get up there and they did better than I thought they would.  They prayed afterwards, etc.  Helped Summer and then went to my seat.  We all sat there wondering where Reni was.  Shoot, forgot about her.  She was still up there praying!  Forever.  Told Yana to go and get her.  she did.  All in all, not bad.  Just when there is symbolism or people play fighting my kids can't transfer that knowledge.  We spent quite a bit of time trying to explain that to them.  And, they still didn't get it.  Remember, FAS kids are extremely, extremely literal.  So are new kids coming home from another country.  Just the way it is. 

Came home and had a quick lunch.  It was over cast and decided it was high time we go get strawberries. 

Logan couldn't believe the size of the fields.  Not crowded at all as it looked like rain.  Not hot either.  Perfect day to go.

Nik, enjoying that first pick of the season.  

 Everyone working hard to find the biggest and juiciest berries.

Summer, not so sure about the itchy feeling of the leaves to get to the berries.

Reni, quite pleased with her picking.  BTW, she started off HATING strawberries.  Now, she doesn't mind the taste at all.  We're guessing she had to have gotten a not so ripe strawberry in Bulgaria and it "tainted" her view.  

Irina, showing off her pickings.  Glad she decided to go with us.  

Nik had a bucket full in no time.  Might have to hire him as a farm hand.  

Logan, the smile says it all.  He had a great time.  Even older kids when adopted have so, so many new experiences once home with a family. Many things are new to him including strawberry picking.  

On our way to check out.  You can see just how big the fields are.

How many strawberries does your family pick?  We ended up with 8 boxes.  All being told, we truly needed about 8 more.  This doesn't yield as much as it looks but at $1.85 a pound, this was all we could do.  It was $85 total.  Ended up freezing to bags of "sauce," 4 bags of whole berries, at a entire box, and have a whole box left that we are making jam with.  Maybe next year we can get some more.  

A closer look at the delicious berries.  Makes you want to reach through the screen and grab one.  Yum. Yes, they are as good as they look.

Enjoying the fruits of their labor.  

More to catch up on for sure.  Many drafts and hoping a few of those I can get out today.  Kids had church clubs last night.  I did manage to get a few long over due thank yous written yesterday.  Warren fixed the printer.  No roofers have called me back.  Got to love it.  Trying again today.  Got to run.  School needs to get started.  Enjoy your day and eat some strawberries.  They really are good.

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