Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sometimes you just have to say let's go

Last Thursday, it was a day.  Rough day.  At home and at work for Warren. We did not make it to soccer at all that night.  Had nothing out for dinner and finally said let's go.  Just let's go.  So, we went.  Hadn't been out to eat for a very long time.  So, after much debate, decided to go to a local place called Cleveland Draft House.  Great restaurant.  Went there and the parking lot was beyond packed.  Even the overflow lot.  Made a decision then to go up to Cracker Barrel and none of us could remember when the last time was we went there.  Again, rarity for this family to go out as it is truly an expense just given the number of people.  However, we don't mind as I think we enjoy the rare moments we do go out that much more.  The wait there was 25 minutes.  Doable as you could wait outside. 

 Testing out the rockers.  Summer is sitting on the Marine Corps rocker (her grandfather would be proud) and Max & Bojan chilling out on the NC State Rockers.  

 Alex and Irina enjoying the seating.  Alex, still mad.  That's for a different post.

 Love this of her even though she's not smiling.  And yeh, can you imagine paying $179 for a rocker?!  Beautiful chairs and all the kids wanted one but gee, just can't phathom paying that much.  Great quality though, I'll give them that.  And so peaceful to rock on. We all just melted in the chairs.

 Lots to think about.  More later.  We're going through a cycle right now and working through it.  Don't worry, Alex is fine. 

 Brothers, teaching each other checkers.

At first, Yana was actually kicking Warren's butt in checkers.  But, Warren came back and won!  She's demanding a rematch.  LOL.  

 Yana, thinking of her next move.  This was a great day as all the kids could come with us.  Many have activities so finding time during the week is a nice treat for us all to be together. 

 Reni and Alyona.  Neither knew exactly how to play.  They had tons of fun anyhow though.

Waiting for the meal to come.  

Boys, devouring some rolls.  

Summer ended up with a pancake.  So did Alyona.  The rest of us got mostly salads and burgers.  Hit the spot for sure.

Weather was gorgeous, and kids were decent.  Just was a nice meal out with no issues.  So good so that I bought them that giant checkers game.  Do you know they've played it several times everyday since last Thursday.  

Got to get to bed.  Trying to figure out how to get the printer to work again.  Kids have worksheets to do.  Tomorrow is soccer games.  More tomorrow.

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