Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soccer surprise

Yesterday, we had a visitor come over.  His name was Coach Chris and he is Alyona & Reni's soccer coach.  He knew we were going to be out of town and asked if he could come over since we would not be able to attend the soccer party on Friday.  We said sure.  Kids were actually elated he was coming over.  See, coach Chris is the kind of guy that would give his right arm for you.  Just an awesome guy that is such a good role model for the kids.  He's been doing Upwards Soccer for years and is a natural coach.  He is a friend, teacher, cheerleader, supporter and so much more for these kids.  Parents all feel the same way about him.  So, when he said can he come over, the answer was an overwhelming yes! 

He came over w/ his daughter whom Summer just adores.  Hope he doesn't mind that I put a picture up.  But not only that, he came bearing gifts for the girls.  See, he knew they wouldn't be here Friday, so he wanted to give out what they would be receiving then.  The girls were very happy to receive a cd w/ music and a book mark.  And a bag of tootsie rolls to share for the trip!  The cd is homemade w/ songs and each of the team member's name on the cover.  Very cute! 

He and his daughter stayed for a bit.  Rachel and Summer were hanging out playing the whole time.  We were talking and enjoying seeing all the kids hang out and have fun.  We then showed Coach Chris the bench that Max made that he wants to donate to the soccer field.  Max was beaming when I told him what Coach Chris said.  "puts the bench I made to shame."  LOL.  Not true Coach Chris!  Max just loves to make things and it will be nice to see his work out on the field for kids to enjoy years to come.  Just was an overall very pleasant visit.  Thanks Coach Chris for all that you do!  It does NOT go unnoticed.  thanks for taking the time to come and see us all.

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