Sunday, May 27, 2012

Soccer Party Saturday

Yesterday as I said, we had an awesome day.  Later that day we went to the end of the season soccer party.  They had bounce house and water slides for the kids.  Tons of fun to be had.  Weather was perfect.  Well, hot. 

Nik, very excited about going to the party.  

 Alex, not so excited as he has to sit w/ us for a few minutes for getting in trouble.   Live and learn.  Not sure how but we realized that every single kid in the house has about 3 or 4 pair of flip flops each.  Logan has none.  Of course he can't relay that to me but I'd figure one of my kids would have piped up by now.  So, shoe shopping for flip flops is on the list for Logan this week.

We parked in the shade and walked to the event.  They are ready.

First, they had to get their awards.  We got there too late for Alex & Logan's ceremony.  Well, not really a ceremony per say but still would have liked to have gone to it.  They were more interested in the water slides.  LOL.  This is Summer getting her award. 

Nik, very proud of his accomplishments for soccer season.

They even provided all athletes with hot dogs, chips and a drink.  

Summer, walking through the water slide.

Logan going through.  I barely got any of the boys b/c they were too busy going from one thing to the next and hanging out w/ friends.  

 Logan, taking a break from it all w/a coke in his hand. 

Yes, she is as terrified as she looked.  It was the first and last time she went down the water slide.  It was just too much for her to handle. 

However, Summer recovers quite quickly as you can see.  She stuck to the bounce house which I volunteered at.  

Reni and Alyona are just super close sisters.  They really do care and love each other.  Well, when they're not enemies.  

Summer was very happy with the bounce house and all the little kids she met on there.  It was wonderful to see her interact.  Even her really good friend Rachel was there.  Rachel is 2yo and Summer just adores her.  

All in all, we had a wonderful time.  Great weather and great friends.  We left and then went to pick up the girls.  We had dropped them off w/ a friend at a shopping center.  Irina and Yana enjoyed picking out bathing suits.  Best part...I didn't have to listen to them whine about it or wait the 3 hours for them to find one.  LOL.  They liked the time alone w/ a friend versus having to shop w/ mom.  It is nice at times as a teen to be on your own.  Younger kids were zonked this morning.  That's a good thing.  Means they had fun.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  After 4 posts this evening, I'm done.  Off to bed and off to the beach tomorrow for the aquarium. 

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