Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sisters & healing

I have 5 girls.  I didn't know how that would turn out when we brought the new ones home.  See, for years, Yana and Irina were close.  Not as much any more but still can relate.  Alyona is eons behind them and not just in years.  She can not relate to teen things if she's playing w/ baby dolls.  Her class really didn't have many friends she could hang out w/.  EC classes are extremely limiting in that category.  In other words, Alyona was super duper lonely in every meaning of the word.  She longed for a sister that she could relate to.  Share things with.  Play with.  And I mean longed for a sister w/ every fiber of her being.  And I know many may disagree and say you shouldn't set out to adopt to bring a sister home for someone.  I can see both sides for sure.  To say Alyona was elated she was getting not one but two sisters, is an understatement.  Every roadblock, every delay, every negative thing said was hard for her little heart to take.  Was it worth it?  Did the end truly justify the means?  What do you think?

I took this shot yesterday at dinner time.  I know they don't have matching outfits and it is definitely not the best shot ever.  However, I feel it conveys such a very, very important message.  They are LOVING their childhood and their new togetherness as sisters.  All the doubts are gone.  Was it worth all the negativity we experienced along the way?  Without a doubt yes!  With every fiber of my being yes.  These three share a very, very special bond.  I really had no idea it would turn out this way.  With so much before them, they did it.  This is just a shot of happy sisters.  Together.  Enjoying a simple childhood.  Makes me smile more than you know. 

Just sisters playing around for an afternoon to you.  To us, it is true healing.  Lots of it.  You have absolutely NO IDEA the past of these three.  They were indeed meant to be together.  If for nothing else than healing the hurt from their past.  They are there to comfort each other.  Love each other.  Take care of each other.  Reassure each other.  Today at the soccer game, Alyona grabbed Reni's hand and they held hands together all the way to the building.  Sisters for life.  There is no more shaking.  No more tears of fear.  No more uncertainty.  No more peeing in the bed.  No more fear of yelling.  Many, many more to list.  Fears gone.  And I know for a fact it is partially due to the close bond of some sisters.  Two of the new sisters had many fears to over come.  Alyona had the fear of no one wanting her to over come.  All these gone.  All because three girls came together to form one sisterhood.  

I can not express in words how all this feels.  I really don't have the words.  3 lives seem to be redeemed.  All in different ways.  Our skeleton of a child, frightened to the core, is a happy go lucky fashion diva.  Our crying, fearful one is now the spunky outspoken 5yo that everyone loves.  (aka...spoiled rotten! LOL).  Our terrified, shaken to the core, hurt child is now a soccer star on the field running the ball down.  Not afraid of anything or anyone hitting her.  Not one bit.  All three have overcome in various ways.  They are happy, well- adjusted girls that have all found their place here and with each other.  I just had to share. 

Holy Cow!  9 posts.  I think I'm done for the night.  LOL.  Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all.

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  1. This is awesome! Made me have a huge lump in my throat. I am SO glad these young ladies have each other and know the wonderful bond of sisterhood!