Saturday, May 12, 2012


Quick post.  ended up only going to one yardsale today b/c stupid TWC people said they'd be here between 7 and 9 am.  Not here till well after 10am.  Got to love it.  Oh well, always a few weeks from now to go.  Reni has requested to go.  Alyona gave her the spiel on how this works.  Mom doesn't like any slow pokes.  You get in, get out of the car.  LOL.  Was hilarious listening.  Alyona learned fast after one time Irina and I literally took her home as she was slowing us down.  This was years ago.  So now, she's passing info onto Reni.  Cracked me up. 

Warren took Summer to her last soccer game.  Then came home and he & Max hauled off trash.  Tons of it.  Doing a clear the clutter weekend and tossing everything broken.  Apparently, we break a lot of stuff.  Next, we had some lunch and went to more soccer games.  After, headed to a bread outlet we found out about.  Score!  Bagels, breads and buns.  Handy in this house.  And a fraction of the cost at the store.  Stocked up.  Headed home and realized we needed something from Wally World.  Both girls got hit in the face w/ the soccer ball so glasses were bent.  Went to get them fixed.  While there, some necessities including stuff for Dad to make homemade mint oreo shakes.  Yum.  Kids had been working on painting the dining room while we were gone.  Fantastic! 

Now, settling in.  Some are on the trampoline, some painting, some watching a movie.  Just a pleasant day outside and pleasant over all.  Lot got done.  I'm getting ready to go cook and weed a garden some more. Warren is making pork chops on the grill, corn on the cob and sweet potatoes for dinner.  Not bad.  Just a typical relaxing day at Chaos Manor.  Enjoying while we can.  Meaning, no one is fighting at the moment. 

Tomorrow is church.  After that, no plans.  Love it.  I'd like to say we can relax but seriously trying to fix up the house some more to sell it.  Heavy advertisting starts tomorrow.  Post on here as well.  We're ready and kids are ready to move.  Enjoy your Saturday evening everyone. 

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