Monday, May 7, 2012

Roll of duct tape and tape later...

and we have true love.  The other day Nik wrote this:

It says Summar for Nik.  I Love Mom.  Nik love Summar.  BTW, he drew and SPELLED this all by himself!  He wrapped up a box and gave it to Summer.  He told me she would be happy.  He wanted to give her a gift.  

Today, I got distracted.  Had no idea what Nik was doing upstairs.  I should have learned long ago if quiet, go check...immediately.  URGHH!!!  Nik wrapped a full bin full of presents for her.  He was so proud.  An entire roll of duct tape and regular tape.  This must have taken him forever to do.  Very colorful though.  Hey, maybe I can get him to help w/ Christmas next year.

Summer starting to open her gifts.  Do you love the shucked corn on the floor?  A job that got started & didn't finish till I said something of course.

 Everyone curious as to just want Nik had wrapped up. 

I know it is blurry but he is SO happy waiting for her reaction.  It was just so cute to witness.  Very special bond these two.

Okay, notice Irina's expression back there.  She is realizing right then that Nik has taken things from everyone's room to give to Summer.  See, the first night he wrapped up lotion and a box.  Today, we had no idea what he' wrapped up.

Ahh, a bank that Yana made years ago and was in Yana's room.

Summer was thrilled w/ this stuffed toy.  Umm, guess she didn't realize it was in her toy box already.  Nik continues to be ecstatic about how happy she is.

Nik, showing off what he wrote.  I corrected him yesterday and he remembered.  Says Nik, Summer love.  Notice, nothing morbid people.  

 Summer, with her "loot." 

A closer look.  Some stuffed animals, a wand(stick), pencil box, playing cards, scissors, a brush, cd, etc.  Very much a hodge podge.  What I love best about it...Nik did it for his sister just to make her happy.  No other reason than pure joy.  I love it.  Absolutely love it.  We had some doubters during our adoption process that this would not be a good idea to bring in more children w/ Nik here.  I beg to differ.  It has done nothing but improved his quality of life for the better.  Summer is the only one Nik tries to talk to.  Neat to watch.  She has been so good for him.  If any of you newbies to adoption are worried about some "doubters" you may have in your path, rest assured, the ends justifies the means and all you have to do is show them the results once home.  The above is just pure love between a brother and sister.  Neither can communicate with each other yet you can see the love between them. It's wonderful. 

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  1. Thanks for this post. Made me laugh out loud.