Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random pictures

Well, after such a serious post, we need to relax and breath.  So, random pictures are definitely in order.

Alyona, chilling out at one of the soccer games.

Oh yeh, teen's going to hate me for this one!  She has powder all over her body.  for what?  Massive poison ivy she got from helping dismantle the fence.  Logan's was bad that I had to take him in today for it. He's on 12 days of predisone.  Yuck.  

Kids working on their dinosaur lapbooks.

Irina had to do a ph Probe last week for 24 hours.  We were all a bit creeped out as she opens her mouth and a red light blinks on and off repeatedly.  Would have been great for Halloween.  Summer looks a little concerned.  Results next week.

Not sure why they brought playing cards.  This was during one of the soccer practices.  

Once again, very tolerant dogs we have.  She uses Alaska as a pillow all the time.

Alex, practicing his multiplication facts.

Not sure what work they're doing but hey, they're doing it so I'm not complaining.  

 Summer, w/ her boots of course. 

Had a girls' night w/ mud masks.  She wanted to play along.

 Scary little thing, huh?

Reni thought it stung so she washed hers off right away.  The rest of us "suffered" through it.  Really, wasn't bad at all.  

Irina just hanging out chatting in our room.  Again, a rarity a get a teen in this house in a picture.  Take it while I can.  

More to come. Tomorrow is Wednesday, church clubs.  Thursday, Logan and Reni have a dentist appointment.  Saturday, SSI and SSDI info session.  Sunday, we are taking that aquarium trip.  Signing off for teh evening.

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  1. Just started reading this blog so no guarantees on her views, etc but the lady homeschools in NC so thought you might find it interesting. She adopted 2 boys from Ethiopia. http://rebeccaphill.blogspot.com/
    Michele Berg / dawgfan