Sunday, May 20, 2012

On the Road to Camp Cheerio

Well, it finally came time.  Time to go to Camp Cheerio.  Everyone was in a good mood.  Older kids were explaining the upcoming events about to transpire to the new kiddos.  Nice to watch. 

She is so incredibly spoiled by her older brother.  Can you tell?

 Irina, explaining some things that will happen.  They are ready to try this thing everyone keeps talking about...Camp Cheerio.

Summer and Alex.  He's under the blanket. Everyone had to hold their own pillow.  No room!  Seriously, we've run out of room.  It became VERY clear on this trip, another vehicle solution will have to come soon.   Meantime, you do what you can.  Wear or hold your jackets and pillows. 

 Alyona and Summer.  Ready for travel. 

Stopped for gas before we left and this was the car in front of us.  Cool, huh?

Side shot.  And then you here "did they have those in 'your time?'"  Kids.

And after 3 hours...we arrive!  Register and off to our cabin.  I make them take the one madatory shot w/ ALL of them together as I won't see most of them the rest of the trip!  Proof they all went.  LOL.  

It's THIS that we wait for each year.  This is why we come back year after year.  I caught it on camera too.  Alyona and her friend from last year embracing for the first time.  They ran to each other.  Reni is looking on not quite understanding all this yet.  She will in time.

A little foggy but the view when we arrived.

Plain natural beauty.  Mountains in the background.

Nik, playing around while waiting for his group.

Half the cabin.  I make all the kids put their stuff up as soon as we arrive.  That way, we can go straight to having fun and all is ready when we get back.

They started to hang things up.  If you're wondering why we have a lot of Eddie Bauer stuff (sleeping bags & carry on bags), it is b/c we have an Eddie Bauer Outlet near us w/ AWESOME deals when it's not "touron" season.  you know, tourist morons who come to the outlets in droves.  LOL.  Their stuff lasts and we love it.  $7 per sleeping bag helps tons.  Wish we had 12.  

Even Summer made her bed.

Next post will be on Day 1 at Camp Cheerio.  Right now though, tons to get done.  Kids are already in bed but we have a busy week coming up.  Plus, I've got insurance forms galore to fill out this evening.  Many folks to answer.  I'm getting there.  TONS of exciting things happened at camp.  I can not wait to share them all.  2 more families interested in adoption.  Connected w/ a psychologist who has a friend w/ two sons w/ FASD.  Exchanged info.  Many connections made and many friends to boot.  Kids did beautifully and I can not wait to share it all.  Physically, I am exhausted.  But, waking up and walking at 7am w/ my friend Rebecca.  We are committed for sure.  Sucks b/c I want to sleep in.  LOL.  She won't let me.  Much, much, much more to come.

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