Saturday, May 12, 2012

My garden helper

Though we have a small garden, we have a lot of big help.  Been teaching the kids about how plants grow and what they need to grow.  Yesterday, Nik asked if he could help.  I said fine. 

Nik wanted to help me in the garden.  He's cutting green onions.  Used them in eggs this morning and with the chicken last night.  Wonderful.  

Nik having such a great time cutting the onions for me.  Barefoot and all.

 Look at all that concentration on his face.  Nik is serious about this.

Our oregano that grows forever.  Given some away and giving more away Monday.  Warren is taking some to work for someone.  

Lettuce mixes starting to pop up.  Looks delicious!

So content and in his element.  Love it.  Tomatoes are starting to grow.  Need to stake them and do it this weekend.  Should produce a lot of nice tomatoes for us.  Kids all love the garden.  They help water it.  Reni and I weeded it yesterday.  Nik and I cut some onions and chives.  Nik decided this morning he would plant his watermelon seeds in it.  URGHH!!!  Same box section I am going to be planting the peppers.  Got to love it.  

This morning I went to one yardsale.  Did manage to get a jacket for the girls for next year and one church dress for them.  Also got a soccer goal for the boys to play with.  Not bad for one sale.  Had to come home b/c stupid cable people were to be here between 7 & 9am.  You guessed it...10am!  URGHHH!!!  Could have gone to more yardsales.  Oh well.  Can't go next weekend b/c we'll be in the mountains.  Weekend after though, told the girls we're going.  

Summer had her last soccer game this morning.  Rest of the kids and I cleaned and scrubbed the house.  It was awesome.  Windows are open and fresh air coming into a clean house.  Warren & Max hauled off a ton of trash.  Now, eating lunch and going to the rest of the soccer games this afternoon.  After that, a bread outlet we found out about.  A rather productive and fun day all at once.  More later. 

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