Thursday, May 3, 2012

Must be getting warmer out

It's in the low 90's here.  Not yet the sweat dripping humid temps it gets to here but first real heat of the year.  Bulgarian kids are dying.  LOL.  They aren't used to the higher temps yet.  Wait till were in the hundreds and heat indexes of 110.  That should be fun.  All my EE kiddos go through this the first summer they experience in A/C.  Don't worry, they'll be fine.  They just don't know it yet. 

Told Max he was going to pass out.  I only blew up the turtle's head and thought I'd pass out.  Our pump is broken.  Max was not happy to find that pump broken.

Reni, feeling Summer's wet hair.

She is just so stinkin' cute!  Remember, a few months ago it was screaming bloody murder trying to give her a bath.  She was terrified of water.  Yep, she'll be in the big pool at our house in no time.  

Our youngest Bulgarian Beauty.  Just love her to pieces.  

Big brother Nik wanted to join in.  These two have so much fun together.  Nik even said for the first time, I love you to Summer!  On his own!  Signed it to her.  She was thrilled.  

I give up ever having grass growing as my kids are always playing in the yard.  Small little water but it sure brought a lot of fun yesterday and today.

Well, haven't left for soccer yet.  Logan and Alex are being bad again so I am not taking all the kids alone.  Can't trust these two right now.  Alex is the ring leader and trying to break it.  He is in what is called a RAD cycle and I'll explain that one day.  My kids will go through cycles.  They are rough.  Really rough.  So, not taking them w/out back up.  Warren is stuck at work w/ a problem.  Girls might not make practice today.  Good news is they practice here.  

Since Warren was supposed to cook, I need to go to the store, and we haven't taken the kids out to eat for quite  some time, suggested we take the kids out to eat.  At a real restaurant.  No fast food garbage.  None of us right now can decide where to go but everyone is excited.  Got to remember, it is a rarity we go out to eat.  We're all starving right now though so I'm making some chocolate chip cookies.  LOL.  More later.  I think this is post 4 today.  And, I even organized the homeschoolers stuff.  Didn't realize just how much we studied in science this year.  History, science and math we made lots of progress in.  Reading has much to be desired.  It is the area they struggle in a lot.  Okay, time to make the cookies.

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