Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday's Event

Well, I would not call this an event.  However, the kids sure had a time with it. I was not about to take any pictures of anything gross but thought you'd get a kick out of some of what the kids were thinking.

Excitement building.  LOL.  Nik pointing to the big truck.  New kids having no idea what in the world is going on.  And the kids that have been here try to explain it to them.  It's a riot.  We have land where we have a septic system.  With this many people in the home, it must be pumped yearly.  

Kids, all anxiously awaiting as the guys are digging to find the lids to the tanks.  

Hard to tell with the dirt on top of it but this lid disintegrated before their eyes.  They thought it was cool.  Me, not so much as that is more money.  Last year, the other lid needed replacing.  Got to love it.  

Irina decided to come out and quickly decided to go back inside.  Can't imagine why.  

Kids learning what all is in the tank and how it works.  Yes, lessons were interrupted for this one instead.  Nothing like hands on learning.  They were learning how this part of their house works.  

Alex and Nik moving further back into the yard.  BTW, I'll explain the why of Alex's haircut later.  

Love Reni's expression.  They were finishing up.  

These guys were awesome that came out.  Took time to explain things to the kids.  Laughed and joked around w/ them.  Let them use some equipment.  Nothing gross mind you.  They were pleasant.  Logan was teaching them the Bulgarian word for stinky.  These guys were repeating it b/c they'll be using it again I have a feeling.  It's a dirty job but was nice to have some pleasant guys come out and work on it. 

Do my hydrangeas grow so big b/c they're next to the sepic tanks?  We'll never know.  Going to split this nearest one at the end of the season.  

My mop-laced hydrangeas starting to grow.  

One of the regular hydrangeas starting to bloom.  Love it!  Soon, I'll have more flowers everywhere.  can't beat it.  

Girls and I froze all the corn on the cob after shucking.  Irina cut all the strawberries up.  All 8 buckets full!  I then made some into the toppings you put on shortcake.  Had 2 bags full.  Then, froze 4 freezer bags full of whole berries.  Was awesome.  We're making jelly tonight.

Max was invited by our optometrist/neighbor to do stainglass.  He's still there after 3.5 hours!  He must love it.  Can't wait to hear all about it.  Irina was off today so helped me out.  Printer broke so kids and I are doing science after dinner.  More to come.  Warren is cooking burgers on the grill tonight.  Yum.  I'm making homemade fries and broccoli.  Nothing special.  Got to run.  Need to finish weeding the garden. 

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